Fragrances gone wild at Bluefly


When I ran out of my favorite Cartier parfum, it was another hunt that I had to make until I tried this Prada Infusion D’Iris. It is settle, clean, mild (no headache) and very chic. I was going back and forth between the Cartier and this Prada. Both of them are signature fragrance and very classy. I then came home and did some research on price for this Prada D’Iris. Holiday gift sets are everywhere. But at Bluefly.com, they offer 40% for their newly launch fragrance shop. So here is the Prada and it is worth the rush to get it. The gift set at Bluefly is almost out of stock!!

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Amex offers cash back at Tory Burch

AmexonToryWhat a great combination if you are a AMEX card holder and love Tory Burch products like I do. I found this fascinating and going to take advantages of this offer.
I don’t normally check out deals on AMEX as often because most of my offers are related to travel and leisure. This time, I went through my benefit with AMEX and greatness, I saw this Tory Burch offer! The offer will end Dec 31, 2013 and every time you spend more than $350 at Tory Burch boutique, you will get $50 back from AMEX.

This couldn’t get any better. I did have an eye on her boots but hesitating because they were not that comfortable on my ankle. I waited to try on some other pairs even though they are on sale right now. With this offer from AMEX, my boots wouldn’t be so hurtful to my wallet.

So hurry, while this offer is still going. I think the timing is perfect for Christmas shopping and sales from the boutique.
Share with me if you took this offer. I’ll share with you how mine is.


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Happy Birthday by Sephora-Birthday Gift


|Sephora rewards program

Are you a make up junkie and love SEPHORA? Then you would know what this is all about !!
The ultimate make up store is Sephora. This store has variety make up and skin care, way too much some times, 🙂

Any way, my birthday is coming up in December, so Sephora sent me a birthday gift notice! how nice!
I added the birthday gift, FIXIT clutch with 12 samples, and 3 free samples and my one purchase of Nars blush palette. The total with tax was $70.20. How awesome is this?

To verify which is what, here are products I will receive at home {free shipping over $50}
1. Birthday gift, as shown on the photo this page.
2. FIXIT gift comes in when you purchase $25 or more. You get to pick a clutch {choice of 3} and inside the clutch, there are 12 samples.
3. 3 free samples, these always come with whenever you make a purchase on their website.
4. My Nars Blush palette, One night stand cheek palette.

So ladies! don’t forget to check your free gifts options before you check out. You might miss something out.
Samples are useful in terms of products trial. I love free samples, they are my main reason to go back to the store and purchase a full size product.
What was your birthday gift this year? Share with me here.

Natural Flirt Makeup Collection

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Hermes-Gucci and Givenchy for Less


So I have found awesome deals that will catch your eyes. Fashionista who loves a luxury look but doesn’t want to hurt that wallet will love to check these out.

The booties I spot on are from Zara {$159.00}and they look almost identical to the Gucci that are on sale right now.
Givenchy Antigona is the beauty of the town. I would love to have one of those but boy oh boy it is $1,920 for a smaller size. Oh well, good thing that Kate Spade offers one looks very similar to the Antigona. It is very cute and will function just like Antigona.
Lastly, The Birkin inspired. I could not tell you enough how excited it is to have a totally hand crafted and leather lining throughout the bag like timelessbag offers. It is very structural and beautiful made in Italy. However, if you are saving up for the Birkin, then I’d say go for it!!


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November makeup wishlist

|Sephora Wishlist, is it a crime?


Yes, here is my wishlist for November Makeup. I love Sephora that they offer plenty of makeup palettes. When I’m on a vacation, I only need one or two palettes to create all the looks I love.
Here I have the NARS “One night stand” cheeks palette
Toofaced Love Sephora 15 years of beauty palette
The Origins: Skincare must haves

Can’t forget all fragrances that they carry too. I don’t know which scent I like until I’m there at the store. What’s in your wishlist? Come share with me 🙂


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Torture device that I love


jimmychoobeigeLeft: Valentino Stud shoes
Right: Jimmy Choo pointy toes


My only fear about shoes is, they don’t feel as good as they look 🙂 Especially those designers label shoes. Hmmm. I would like to spend $800 on a pair of shoes that will hurt my feet while I’m in them. I’ve been there and still is. I have some pairs that will not let me walk in them. But guess what? They are too cute to be given away.

So, let’s say if you really love shoes and you don’t want to hurt your wallet but still get that look on your feet (and the pain). I got some good news. Most girls already figure this out, Ivanka’s shoes !! yes, Trump’s daughter. She is classy just like I want to be. Her shoes are nice too. Check these out. Right: Ivanka Stud shoes in red.


So I found out as I browsed through cyber space that Ivanka offers classy looking shoes with lower tag price. Most of her shoes are similar to Jimmy Choo, and Valentino. I have not tired any of her shoes but very tempting. www.6pm.com is where I found most of her shoes collection. 

Along with many other celebrities fashion collection, Jessica Simpson has one of the most largest fashion selections. Her clothing line has been around for a while but it was not as recognized. I do found her clothes come in handy in TJ Maax and Marshall. Her shoes are made in China with sassy look to them.

Left: Ivanka pointy toes in beige and black. Right: Ivanka stud shoes in beige. 



I think there are always products for our budget. I can go cheap on shoes but high end on purses or vice versa. To me, we can always look exquisite as long as we know what look great on us. Our inner beauty also provides great effect on how we look to others. So, walk with confidence and stride on the side walk on the way to work!

What do you do when you see a catching heels like this, on a pair of shoes?
For me? I got an impulse buy 🙂 These are from SamElderman and they are not for wide feet like mine. The sole was very comfy but the toes area are pretty tight. I couldn’t return them because it was final sale from GILT. Here is the online purchase lesson, don’t purchase shoes if they are on a final sale because if they don’t fit, you are stuck with them.

So size 7.5 is too narrow for me. Thanks Sam!

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Street Style Fall 2013

If you like Street Style but classy. You might like these new picks from Fall 2013 favorites. pradablackandgoldI love this classic look. It can be dress up or casual. Dark navy blue blazer is easy to find and a white top with a tie is very chic. Check out my source for these awesome tops. It is my favorite thing to do, looking a look for less. It feels like I achieve something and proud of.


 If you want to add the gold hardware on your outfit,blueblazerHM you might want to try Loft or White House Black Market, other wise, these two will do.
Left: H&M blazer. Right: Loft Tie Neck short sleeves.
Love that Prada tote? Overstock.com has a few Prada selections. I’m not sure if the black or dark blue are available.

October 2013.
The ultimate leaves color time of year. I love October in ATL. I enjoy putting on clothes and feel so comfortable this season. Hmmm Fall. It is time to shop and here is what I got, let’s get started. So my hubbie took me to a mall to shop for a dress. It happened that I was looking for a comfy blazer and he picked one out for me. blazerseaonIt is ZARA basic in light brown. Very comfortable and chic, ZARA basic blazer. I also got a light blazer by H&M this one was a great deal online. Jersey blazer in grey. It was 30% off and I couldn’t resist.

Blazer by H&M and Zara

Back with a colder temperature. November in ATL is getting cold too soon.

Coats are must haves! {like ZARA coats}. I have checked out so many beautiful coats out there, Banana republic, ANN TAYLOR, H&M and Tory Burch. I gotta say, most of them are very much high price for the season and they don’t look distinguish enough to cost as much. So I wander to ZARA, my recently favorite store for clothing. I found too many coats that I like especially price tags were friendlier than the other stores. Quality? acceptable!

November Weather=Coat FeverZARA-MINK-COAT


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My Fall Wish List

MyFallWishlistI need these (right?)

Have you ever wondered why people have to create a wish list? My guess is, they can’t have their wish right at the second so they are listing them and wish they will get there.
So let’s see here. I wish for a tote bag with a coated canvas in brown color. I would love to have a classic shoulder bag for a special occasion. Booties are also a must for Fall and love them in BLACK! And last but not least, work outfit. Yes, they are necessary. I love clothes that are practical for what I do.
So, here you are, all of my wish. I’m going to reveal it to you later whether my wish came true or not. Fingers crossed (me).

NORDSTROM - Shop Winter Skincare

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Love me some handbags

September 30th 2013

It is official! Fall is really here and Atlanta can’t get any prettier. For the last few days, I have been enjoying the weather here in A-Town. People are out driving with the top down, taking their dogs for a longer walk, girls are in boots and fancy handbags. So, I am on a mission to get one of those Fall handbag (?), I would love to use this bag for all seasons though.

So, what do you think? Am I fancy enough for this season? Let’s get to the bag! This bag is made in Italy, hoorayyyy, none Chinese product. I love this size of it because I am 5.2″, everything with a longer strap will touch the floor.


So this is a good size for me. It does come with a shoulder strap and the length is perfect for my size. I love how I can adjust the front two straps to loosen up the top part so I can get my stuff in and out so much easier. It is a big enough bag for all my girly girl on a daily basis. Inside is nice and clean, lined with leather, not cheap fabric, Yes ++. It’s got some weight to it though, so if you like a top handle bag, looking like a small version of Birkin but you don’t want to spend that much on a Birkin, then you might like this one.

I found this one on a website, www.timelessbag.com. There weren’t really many bags on their website but they got some good quality bags. I wish they had more colors available. I might have to revisit that website sometimes soon. I have been using this bag for two weeks. So far so good, got compliments on it now and then. I think people are trying to figure out what I am carrying? I love it so far. Will keep you guys posted about this new purchase.


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