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Find deals and website where you’ve never heard of before. Sharing your thoughts with us here.

|Great websites to shop!

First hot deal website is Hautelook! I love love this site. They offer some great deals on shoes, handbags and especially, makeup!! I am a makeup junkie. I have too many of everything when it comes to makeup. Hautelook got me hooked up.


 I originally heard about Hautelook two years ago. I become a loyal member in no time. They offered me a $25 credit (felt important) as much as I spent on their website, I do deserve that gift card. These are awesome deals that Hautelook offered:

  1. Makeup, makeup brushes
  2. Shoes
  3. Accessories (I would check as well)
  4. Pre-owned items (like handbags)
    It does take a long time for the items to arrive after you click “place an order”. They do have a better app on iphone now. You can track and view your items as well.

Next is my favorite site as well, GILT. It has high end designer products on sale but you have to be quick or they are sold out within the first five minutes.


I had my eye on Prada tote/shoulder bag for a while because GILT offered $300 off of the retail price. I missed the offer twice! At noon, daily, GILT is making a ding sound on my iphone. Download their app and see what I’m talking about. GILT offers great deals on clothing and handbags. I do like their updated ordering status. Certain jewelry are cheaper on GILT and they’re sold out fast. You do need to be a member just like Hautelook.
Occasionally, I shop on Last Call site. I found some good quality products here, handbags and wallets. Other than that, Last Call carries plenty of clothing from last season or going out of season lines. Their high end product price are not as low as I would like.


I often found their lower end products to be on sale. Most of their products are also found at Nordstrom, sale section. You might wanna check them out.
If you are a designer products lover, then you will love I have found great sales on their website. They also accept returns on certain sale products as well. You just have to keep your eye on your wishlist. I have found a pair of crop pants by Alexander McQueen under $50!!. What a deal??? I think I enjoy browsing Yoox more than Last Call by Neiman Marcus. It’s just me.


Moving on to my next Favorite! Nordstrom Rack. It is a genius idea by Nordstrom of letting the over stock items and out of season items out in a quick way. Most items are very affordable and I love that I can walk in the store and feel some of those high end products. Nordstrom is best known for their Free shipping and free return.
Nordstrom accepts purchased online items to be returned at their store. No questions asked. It is pretty awesome to have such service, makes your shopping very relaxing.

Updating:November 20th 2013. Nordstromrack will take your returned items on! how awesome is that!


Shoes lovers! Gone wild!
I cannot agree more that shoes and women are bonded. Lately, I have done some online shopping and couldn’t help but look through This website got some great shoes. Not to mention their online sale like buy regular pair of shoes get one on sale pair for free! So, you will pay for one pair of shoes but get 2 pairs at home 🙂 Can’t argue with that deal. ShoemintThumbnail







{NOVEMBER 21, 2013}

I’m going to start off with my favorite shoes, Colehaan has been one of the most comfortable shoes out there. So when HAUTELOOK had this sales on November 21st, 2013, it was crazily sold out in a heart beat.
I absolutely missed it because most of size 7, 7.5 were gone. But I totally got it, great shoes at low price, who wants to wait? If you are one of the lucky buyers, which pair did you get?

|Love to get cash back?

To all online shoppers. Here is my favorite cash back website,
Ebates offer so many cash back from hundreds of stores online. I’m a big fan of world wide web shopping, when I see an awesome sales, I usually check out to make sure that my stores are included on the cash back list by ebates.

So, if you have not yet tried this deals, it’s easy



  1. Go to
  2. Register your name and address because ebates will send checks to your house that you register.
  3. Once you’re done registering, stay on page and search for store that you like to shop. I typed in Nordstrom in the search box and there are listing products that I can get cash back.
  4. Click on the deal that you like and Ebates will redirect your page to that favorite store of yours, then you just shop like normal.
  5. Once you check out, Ebates has all your information. Every month, they send me a check of what I have collected over time just shopping online.
  6. It doesn’t matter if your store has already offer a discount, Ebates still give you cash back. It can be $5-$___ whatever your deal is on the day that you decide to shop.
  7. Ebates has their grace period before they mail you a cash back check. If you return an item before your Ebates closing date, your cash back will not be included on the upcoming paycheck.

Let me know how it goes! my next check is coming next month 🙂

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|Shopping with pride

Looking for quality items online and want to spend less? BlueFly offers variety of high end fashions, beauty and fragrances. Their packages are secure so you can be sure that your items will arrive in good shape.

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NORDSTROM - Shop Handbags


|Shop with ease at Nordstrom

NORDSTROM - Free Shipping & Returns
This is by far my favorite mall to walk around in. Nordstrom retuns is very easy. They offer a return from online purchase, so don’t worry if your shoes are too tight or you pants weren’t the right fit, Nordstrom will take it back with no question asked. No form to be filled.


{is this a good place to shop?}

When I decided to write about this topic, I assume that all of the readers know how works. There are many resources out there telling you how to deal with
Be very careful when shopping on eBay and watch out for counterfeit items. Good luck ladies.


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