Heavenly sweet in Greece

|Oia, Santorini

The timing could not be so right than May in Santorini. The breeze was a bit strong though the heat from the Sun balanced it during the daylight. I was in Heaven.
I chose to stay in Oia, a small town on the Santorini island. It is located on the tip of the Island. A peaceful and beautiful town like Oia draws many tourists yearly. My husband and I stayed in a cave house called, Old Oia House. This cave house sits right at the favorite photo spots. We often had tourists in front of our main door but it was not any issues because our room is isolated from the crowds.
Oia, the non-hidden beauty on the island got the Sunset view and the moonlight panorama shots. I fell in love with both views. At night I sat outside and just smiled at the reflection of the moonlight in the water. What a stunning scene to stare. I was surrounded by volcano erupted islands and here it is right in the middle of the realm of those islands, the big moon shining so bright it took everyone’s breath away.

OIA, Santorini

Every morning in Oia to this view.

Mornings in Oia were amazing. We enjoy a nice quiet moment before tourists arrive around 10 AM. I had plenty of time to feel the breeze and the sound of silence. It was gorgeous and exciting to be in it.

OIA, Santorini 2014








Food in Oia!

Food in Oia, Santorini


We also enjoyed the local food in Oia. I love love their spaghetti shrimp. I had that twice in two different restaurants! The sauce and the flavor of the shrimp were just blended so well, I can’t describe it right.
Check out the view while dinning also. It just took my breath away.


The Donkey beer was something new to explore. Some people like it, but we think it’s okay.
We found a nice restaurant where we could see 360 degree, nothing blocking the view. The catch was, the wind. The restaurant came up with a genius idea, removable windows. Way to go!





CIMG5008 copy











We enjoyed all the food and service in Oia. Make sure that you round up your bill just to be nice for tipping regard. Don’t worry about eating those breads and spaghetti either because you have 200 stairs to burn them out for you.

Oia town


We love our days in Oia so much. All the small walk ways are very easy to adapt to. Watch for donkeys and their poop! Oia has so much to offer, we spent two days exploring the town by  just walking.

Oia town explore day 1

Oia walk

Oia town, explore day 1

Exploring Oia

Oia, Santorini

Postcards along the side walk













Can’t avoid these guys, Donkeys in Oia

Oia, Santorini

The mill-top of Oia

Oia sky

Perfect blue

We flew in to Oia from Amsterdam by Transvania airline and landed in Santorini. It was heaven at first sight. We got to our room and dropped off our belongings then kept walking. It was so much to see all at once. Many tourists also have arrived Oia at about the same time as we did. Nice and cozy little town. I love it.
We took a private limo from the airport to Oia, so we by pass all the wait and crowds. Great start for low energy me.
If you want to know more about our trip or how to get to Oia, please leave a comment below. Will be happy to help you out.
Oia is also famous for the Sunset in Oia! I had seen many postcards but did not know where they were taken until we walked to the very tip of Oia. Here we saw one of the most beautiful sunset where you can just relax with excitement. The view was all we needed. Calm and quiet ocean with a drop of sunset, couldn’t get any better.


Oia, Santorini

On our way to the Sunset

Oia, Santorini

Oia is pretty

Enjoying the Sunset at an awesome restaurant called, Lioyerma. It is located at the very West of Oia, you can’t miss the Sun from this place. The swimming pool is available for public as well. It is a very big restaurant and pool. Clean and great service from Lioyerma! The only catch is, when get to Greece in the late Springs, you will get plenty of breeze, sitting at this place can be a bit windy with sand from the ocean too. Just to keep you posted on this.

Sunset in Oia, May 2014 Sunset in Oia, May 2014







When you get a chance to visit Lioyerma in the summer, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit! I recommend the hotel right across from this lounge, Marizan caves. You will have daily Sunset view if you stay here. My cave house was very nice too but I have most of the Sun rise, and it was gorgeous! I took a short walk to this lounge to view the Sunset.

Lioyerma restaurant.

Lioyerma in Oia for Sunset evening

Hotels in Oia

Marizan Caves has the Sunset view in Oia.

Shopping in Oia!
Oia shopping

Souvenir in Oia

Oia shopping

Shops and stores in Oia

Food in Oia

Grocery store in Oia

Oia is not cheap comparing to an average U.S. price. If you live in NY or Sanfran, you might find Oia at a reasonable price. We did grocery shopping twice for our 6 days in Oia. Grocery shopping was around 22 Euros, we got eggs, bread, spaghetti for 2, a bottle of juice, a butter and a bag of rice. I got some snack for us when we were on a trip.
Grocery is of course cheaper than dinning out. But you want to make sure that your hotel has kitchen ware and stoves. We love our place, it was the right size and easy access from the front door.
We also did a souvenir shopping. I did a small light weight shopping due to my 3 up coming countries. It would be too much to carry fragile gifts.

Getting around in Oia
Cars in Oia

Smart cars/ City cars 20 Euros a day

Santorini Bus ticket

Taking local buses is cheap and safe 1.60 Euros

Bus in Oia

Buses in Fira, go to Oia and the rest of the island

Oia is a small town, in fact Santorini has small roads to serve the number of cars driven on this island. Oia by itself has a very narrow road all the way from Oia down to Akrotiri. One road, that’s all you need. Tourists rent a city car or motorcycle to get around a small town or throughout the island. It does save you time but driving can be dangerous in Oia. Local buses arrive every 30 mins at the bus station in Oia. They are huge buses and clean. Make sure you have you change ready for the collector. They do not take credit or debit for sure. I believe it is 1.6 Euros from Fira (main hub) to Oia one way, per person.
If you’re not sure where to go or what to do , there is a tourist office right in front of the Oia bus station.




Our Cave house & the view
I booked our cave house via Air bnb. It was such a lovely place to stay in Oia for 6 days! if you can, spend a whole month here, you won’t even feel bored. It is always something to do. Great view to see. I love our little bathroom and kitchen. We even have two extra beds in our living room area (which is big). We put our belongings there for our next trip. cave house in OiaAll windows and doorsBathroom in cave house are cute and fit the cave house image. This room was renovated 10 years ago. The floor is supper clean and no squeaky. We had our maid daily for our bread and she changed our sheets and filled up our fruit juice every other day!. The hot water came on like no minute. We finished our shower so quickly this way. It is away from the crowds because our room is away from the stairs and main walkway. This walkway is crowded during late morning to late afternoon due to  tourists from the cruises arrival. Our cave house is supper chic, supper clean, on a superb location.
Click on the photos to enlarge them. Hope you enjoy my Oia blog.
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Cave house bedroom Cave house in OiaCave house in OiaCave house in Oia



































Our view from the balcony. The cave house is facing the realm of the volcano. We got the view of heaven hands down.
Oia, santorini Sunrise in Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini in May


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Beauty must haves at City Pharma in Paris

|What’s worth the trip?

Hello ladies, as some of you may have heard of this famous pharmacy in Paris, CityPharma, on 26 Rue De Four carries a tremendous of skin care products and medicine. You will not fine makeup here (not CVS or Wallgreens).

I will get right to the point. What I bought from this pharmacy and why is this place so famous that draws hundreds of thousand of people annually.

Bioderma Cleanser
First thing first, City Pharma sells a bulk of Bioderma! What is Bioderma? it is the most gentle cleanser I have ever used, let alone very effective. Bioderma cleanser needs a cotton pads to wipe off your make up and you don’t need much unless you are loaded with makeup that day. So, I had to get one of those huge botte, 500ML for 8.9 Euros??!!
I also grabbed a set of traveling size skin care from Bioderma. It is in a nice size see through pouch. Zipper is great not cheap. I stuffed many toiletry in this bag and it’s a great fit.
In the package, I got; a bioderma makeup remover, 2 moisturizer and a body wash for 7.49 Euros! Great kit.

Vichy skincare
I have been a big fan of Vichy for 15 years. It is one of the most effective skin care products out there. When it first came out in Asia, I could only got it from a pharmacy and it wasn’t cheap.
Now, Vichy is in Ulta, online and of course, at City Pharma. Made in France, Vichy is one of the most affordable skin care in Paris. I grabbed a good sun screen with SPF 50! for ATL sun. Also, I saw this Vichy Aqua Thermal in a big jar and it was 20.99 Euros! nice. The texture is very light and soothing. I love to soak my face in the nice cool light weight lotion after a day in the Sun.

La Roche-Posay
What in the name of God! who carries that many lines of great stuff like La Roche-Posay in one place? City Pharma does. I was overwhelmed and lost in those aisles. I wasn’t prepared for this at all. There were so many new products and I could not remember what to get. I knew that some of La Roche at City Pharma is not in the States just yet. But I made it out alive! I got a BB cream and Effaclar H! Great pick by me. The Effeclar is supper gentle and nice scent to it. Very clean feel when apply. I love love this product line. BB cream was in a medium color and it is nice but a bit oily if you are oily like me.

Phyto 9
Alright, hair is my issue. I cannot get my hair to look nice in the summer. I have read so many reviews on Phyto 9 and how to use it. I grabbed this one instead of Phyto 8 because it has one extra ingredient added. Nice and non-sticky cream. Very easy to use. I blow dry my hair after applying this product to avoid dryness and tangle.

Klorane shampoo
This is supposed to be a well-known shampoo and hair product. I did some research online and most people go for Klorane when it comes to hair. My experience with this shampoo is, it is a very mild shampoo but it doesn’t show any extra ordinary result with my hair. I should have gotten their conditioner to compare with the others. But it is a nice shampoo to have knowing that it is very natural. I use this when I travel.

Besides the great products in this pharmacy, the store itself is medium size but the crowds fill it up pretty quickly. It was warm without doubt inside. I had my trench coat and a scarf on that day because the Paris weather was unpredictable. I ended up carried a shopping basket, my trench coat and my scarf trying to get through the crowds. Be ready when you are making your way here because all of the products will wipe out your good memories of what you should get. The crowds are 60% Asian and 80% tourists. How did I know? well, I only heard French a couple time. The register line was long. Don’t forget to ask for VAT refund if you shop more than 100 Euros. I didn’t do it because mine was 83 Euros and I would have gotten $11 or less, not worth the waited line.


City-Pharma Rue De Four

Spotted the CITYPHARMA from afar.











CITY PHARMA entrance

Crowded from the front door


Along the side of the pharmacy


|Before you get there

Get the following ready before visiting this Pharmacy.
1. List of what you want, categorize it by skin, hair, foot, medicine.
2. Pictures of what you want to buy. Trust me, it’s overwhelming inside.
3. Wear a cross body bag, you want a hand free shopping in this place because it’s packed.
4. Say hello like “Bon jour” to get your attention. All SA are nice but they are busy helping others too.
5. If you’re not sure about the products because you can’t read French, just put them both in your basket and ask the assistant. They wear a white gown like our pharmacist.
6. There is a second floor, so make sure you’re done with the first one and make your way up. When you come back down, your products might be gone!
7. Look for kits or set of skin care. Most of them are cheaper than individual sale. Certain time of year/ month, they offer a promotion. Make sure the name on the product is matching the promotion sale before you paid for.
8. Get your passport photo copies. If you want to get VAT refund, get this ready!
9. Memorize the your local country price and compare before you decide to buy from this pharmacy. If it’s worth the extra weight in your luggage or carry on, then go ahead. You’re already there, might as well.
10. Everyone there is nice, I like to get there early before they get cranky as day goes by. They have a big clock out front on top of their sign. You need to pay for your items before they close, or you will have to leave empty handed.

I hope these help. I didn’t get much from this place because I was worried about extra kilos on my check-in luggage. I wasn’t there for very long time because I knew Paris has more to offer than just a pharmacy. I didn’t want to spend all day shopping for skin care.

Make sure that you keep all receipts and ready for VAT refund customs at the airport. Do not check-in all items before you claim your VAT. Getting the stamps is a must. I will write the details in a separate blog.

|Why is it so famous?

This pharmacy sells a lot cheaper price than other pharmacies in Paris. I checked 3 other places and it’s almost half price off. Some of Bioderma (the twin pack) is supper cheap. Be ready for 500 ML x 2 bottles weight.
Lisa Eldridge, the famous makeup artist also recommended this pharmacy. She stocks up her Bioderma and other skin care from this place as well. If you follow her youtube, she has a skin care favorite and routine video and mentioned City Pharma on it. I think this has so much to do with the pharmacy being jammed inside. We all love Youtube, don’t we?
Get your skin care here is cheaper than skin care at Duty at the airport?
Not necessary. Again, it depends on the Pharmacy promotion. Sometimes, their discount is ridiculously great. Some stores in Duty free has promotion too! you never know.

I would say, get all skin care from the City Pharma, and get fragrance from the Duty Free. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting VAT refund, or over weight check-in luggage.

|Compare the price with mine

This is the price for May 2014. You may or may not have a promotion for the products you want on the day that you arrive. I don’t see Vichy’s price is being too much cheaper or even same price as in the US. Lately, Vichy has so many marketing ideas launched for customers, e.g. free shipping with no minimum! or a nice set of skin care.
Biotherm is also the same. I checked my favorite night lotion in a pump bottle, but I didn’t see a significantly price dropped, so I didn’t waste my luggage space. I only got those that we don’t have in the states or much more expensive. Hope this information helps.

Any suggestions?


Watch Youtube Review


Cargo Cosmetics

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The all new Louis Vuitton Totally PM in Damier Ebene

|It finally is here

The very first time I was looking for a tote bag through Louis Vuitton website, I fell in love with their Totally tote bags. I think these bags have the all-in-one kind of offer. First, it has two outside pockets where I can imagine having my keys in. Secondly, it has two phone pockets and one large compartment. Since this Totally has a top zipper closure, all of their inside pockets are opened or none zipper closure. I thought this model was the go to versus the Neverfull which only offers one big zipper compartment inside the bag. Neverful is a beautiful tote bag and very iconic to the LV.

Back then, I did not purchase neither Totally or the Neverfull bags. I thought I wanted to wait because Totally only came out in the Monogram and Damier Azur prints. I could not make up my mind to buy the Neverfull one either.

Until I went to Paris, not knowing that the Totally has came out in Damier Ebene print! I walked in the LA MAISON with one decision, the Neverfull in Damier Ebene and in PM size. The new Neverfull comes with the small pouch which I thought it was very nice of Louis Vuitton to do so. I totally made up my mind and saved up for this bag.
I walked in LV on Champs Elysee and went straight to the left, on the bottom floor there they were the Neverfull totes. I almost had someone show me the PM size till I glanced at the Totally totes in the middle section!
There they were, the Totally in the Damier Ebene print. Very cute and very practical. I didn’t even look at the Neverfull ones. I immediately asked to look at the Totally in PM size.
Well, it was everything I was hoping to get. Totally in Damier Ebene, has a “D-Ring” inside the tote! This could not get any better. My SA was, Christoph, he was very helpful and patient with me. I asked to have a new bag not the one on the shelf. He also showed me the small pochette which I planed to purchase anyway.

The Totally PM is the smallest size LV offers. It has the widest at 15.4″ and 14″ in height. The width is about 4″. If you know Louis Vuitton, you understand how small bags can fit so much! So as Totally PM. I’m only 5.2′ and when I had the PM on my shoulder, I was sold. I didn’t even try on the MM size to confuse myself. I was an easy client for Christoph that day.


Louis Vuitton Totally PM in Damier Ebene print

The top zipper is very secure for us girls when we travel or walk in the middle of crowds. I love love the outside pockets very much. I also like the two small pockets inside where I can fit my phone in one and my work phone in another. The larger pocket fits my Josephine wallet just fine.

I could not ask for anything more. This was by far the most practical tote bag I have ever seen in Louis Vuitton a store. Totally is not the most beautiful tote bags they made, but it is full of function.
The bag has nice leather handles which I feel like they sit well on my shoulder. The brass hardware was shiny and pretty.
The zipper pull is different than the other Totally prints. You can hook your favorite charm or key chain on to this zipper.
I love the D-ring inside. It is a special treat from LV, I think. It is useful when I travel, I only hook my pochette with this D-ring and I know nothing is going out of this bag.
There are no feet on the bottom of the bag so don’t sit the bag on dirty floors.
Red interior was nice and bright. The fabric is easy to clean. I am planing to use the bag as much as I like to. It is a very functioning bag. The dark brown of Damier Ebene eases the fear of getting the bag so dirty so fast.
I asked Christoph how to clean their canvas bags. He simply replied, soapy water !! just don’t get the soap on the hardware, he added. So there you go ladies, soapy water on a paper towel will clean the LV bags just fine!

Besides the fabulous found, Louis Vuitton is celebrating their 100 years in 2014! How lucky was I? They provide the 100 ANS brown bags that only La Maison, in Paris offers. I was thrilled! and confused if I was supposed to be happy? I didn’t get the leather wraps (as usual), instead, they wrap all boxes with 100 years celebration ribbons!

I was very happy to get there as early as I did. No lines, no hustle and no rush. Everybody was happy. All sales assistants were very nice and polite to me.

The special treat that I got from La Maison? I got to see the top floor where they offer a hot stamp on one of my items. Will definitely explain this later on my blog. It was once of my lifetime to experience such a service and beautiful store like LV. No wonder, many handbag lovers are crazy all over their products as well as their service.

I would definitely check out the boutique again when I have a chance to visit Paris. Hope you agree. Or leave your comment below if you have other thoughts?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

Click on each photo, leave a comment or questions under photos. Thank you.
Watch the reveal of the bag

What fit inside my bag

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No secret to a healthy skin


Biotherm US
17 years Strong

I am in a long-term relationship with Biotherm. It has been 17 years since I have been using their amazing products. My first time at the Biotherm counter, the PA told me that if my skin doesn’t have a bad reaction to one product of Biotherm, then I should be good to use the rest of theirs. So far, she is right.
I was going for a skin care that wasn’t for my age. Advertisement and commercial always have me convinced that I needed what I didn’t. Anyway, my very first Biotherm skin care products were:

 The best one that I love is the “Multi Recharge Eyes”. After waking up from a short night sleep, my eyes are moist and look alive. Love how when I wash my face in the morning, I can feel how soft my skin is.

Ok: this is no joke, by far, the most effective serum which keep my skin moist and protected from environment polution.

I probably used too many bottles of these by now. It is awesome both for winter and summer. It is not greasy in the morning. What night cream should do? Repair your skin while you’re sleeping.

This product is my new added selection from Biotherm. It is nice to have a light body lotion when you’re in a humid country. The scent is so mild, I want to rub it on my face. I apply body lotion all over my body since I was five. It gives a huge different to someone who doesn’t.

If you are looking for one of those skin care that does all the magic, you’re looking too hard. Biotherm is not for just a young lady like I was. I am now a grown up woman who once thought she was going to be wrinkle everywhere. With the right nutrition and moisturizer, you can keep that young baby face of yours for as long as you want to.
Biotherm US

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SJP-Sarah J Parker ‘Diana’ Pump Review

Welcome home, baby

It seems to me when a celebrity creates her/his own designer collection, it is a heart pounding result. When I first heard that Sarah J Parker was going to have her own shoes line, I was “Yay, finally!”. The awaiting was not over when I saw her ‘Diana’ pump. What a simple, classy and sexy in one black pair of shoes. Good for you Sarah. So then I put “going to review” on my blog before Feb 28th 2014 {launched date}. I waited a month later to see what other girls are thinking about her design. Surprisingly, I barely saw ‘Diana’ on the internet. I follow SJP collection on her instragram. Love the photos posted by her customers.


I’m a big fan of, not so much going on when it comes to shoes. Check out the look of her design. These are patent leather, so supper shiny on your feet. The cross-strap is to die for. Those pointy toes are so sexy with every outfit. Heels are high just like her “Sex and the city” kind of selection. These shoes absolutely scream “I’m sexy and I know it”.

I then tried them on with some of my go to outfit to see which one wins. Absolutely love these with my crop pants. A skirt looks great with these as well. One thing about these shoes, they are not wide feet friendly. If you do have wide feet like I do, it is most likely that they don’t fit as well as those narrow and long feet. I’m assuming that SJP has very narrow feet. I have to order half size up and was hopping that they will fit fine. I was wrong. If I order one size up, the length will make my feet look funny. Those narrow pointy toes are hot looking but they are not comfortable to be in them.













Check out my working outfit with her shoes. They are black but they go with everything. I’m wondering if these would look good if they come in neutral/ brown or even red?











When getting a new pair of shoes, I often concern about how many outfit I can wear them with? Are they versatile for day to night event? Am I wearing a fashion heels torture device? Sound insane but I do care about my feet health. How long do you girls let your feet in so much pain before taking your shoes off?

I tried these with my stripe skirt that I got from Nordstrom Rack. Not bad, not bad.














Let’s talk price and value. Since these are brand new collection, I think the value is bit too soon to be discussed? The price is up there with Tory Burch and Michael Kors. I think these shoes are calling for working women . I would say, SJP‘s quality is 8 out of 10. The heels are stable even though they are tiny. Don’t worry ladies, you can still stride in these. I checked the flexibility of the sole while walking, they are not too stiff not to mention these are brand new. Comfort level? like I mentioned earlier, narrow feet and long will be happy with them. Wide feet girls will have to try them on and walk around the shoes department before making a decision.

So what do you think? Do you own any of SJP shoes collection? Share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from my readers.

Also check out her other awesome pairs.

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Louis Vuitton Iconic Handbags

So many times when I shop online or in a store, I often found myself smiled or surprised when I ran into a handbag that is somewhat look alike Louis Vuitton handbags. Not to sound so professional about LV handbags, but I have visited their websites and stores number of time for my research.
Louis Vuitton has what they claim “Icon handbags”. You can visit their website and click on Women, then Handbag and there is a menu called “Icons”. Then you will see how many handbags this legendary company created and made impression for their long lasting quality.
I’m not going to write about their history, I’m giving you my finds from all stores that carry handbags identical to Louis Vuitton’s iconic bags. Let’s start with an all time iconic handbag, Never Full.
Neverfull NeverFull-GMThe most seen and used handbags out there. Neverfull comes in 3 different sizes and 1 or 2 inside pockets, no zipper. Long handle straps and side straps to reshape your handbag. This is a simple, convenient to use and supper cute tote bag. It is a coated canvas material.
It is so popular that most designers can’t help it, they just have to add this look to their collections.

Tory Burch, the American designer. She has amazing selection of handbags including this cute tote. Kerrington comes in a great size.  As for me, Tory Burch represent a classic design, and simple.

If this is not what you’re looking for, check out Michael Kors tote bag. The tote bag, Jet-Set with MK logo is very popular among fashionista who want to switch out bags very often but still look stylish.  I love the inside pockets in this bag.  


MichaelKors-JetsetKate Spade New York, the famous polka dot handbag lining also came out with this look of a handbag, called “Cedar Street“. She put the Kate Spade on the bag this time. Katespade-CedarstreetThe two designers are not too far off from each other, Michael Kors has this buckle on his leather straps while Kate Spade loves the latch on them. Both bags look awesome to me. Light weight and much cheaper than the LV, neverfull. MK and Kate Spade are very well-known for their affordable price and you can find them in a 3rd party stores like “TJ Maxx”, Marshalls or online like bluefly or Nordstrom.
Let’s move on to Dooney and Bourke. Now this company has been around for a while but their design handbags are not as seen as the 3 mentioned above. But lately, D&B is coming out with a striking look, which will be mentioned later on. Check out this Nylong shopper tote bag from D and B. They offer a button closure. How convenient is this?  The truth is, their duck logo threw me off the first time I saw the bags. But as times go by, they come out with D&B or Dooney and Bourke plates on the leather bags.
All handbags I mentioned come in a different price range. If you’re lucky and purchase them online, you might find great sales. Most of these handbags are best sold in Spring and Summer. Once those two seasons are leaving, you will expect different colors or a totally different design.
So, does Louis Vuitton price change effects any of these companies? Do people with a rock solid income care what Louis Vuitton has to offer versus Tory Burch or Michael Kors? Quality is what I can tell by just feeling the bags or trying them on. Kate Spade is somewhat 7 out of 10 when it comes to their zipper quality. I purchased two of their bags but was very disappointed of their zipper.
Tory Burch has a very structural shape and seem to last long. I have seen certain videos mention how fast the bags can go out of shape.
There are so many down sides on these contemporary designer products but yet affordable. So, question is, are you a quality kind of girl? or are you a quantity preferable girl?

ALMA The “Dome bag” with a pad lock. Now comes with shoulder strap where you can adjust the length to fit your size. Alma can’t be any Louis Vuitton iconic bag than this. It is one of a kind. It got me thinking, do I get to use this bag as often as I want to? Is this bag as practical as its beauty? The leather material adds some weight to this handbag so well that you might want to just use it occasionally. I’ve seen so many girls walking with pride carrying this handbag. No doubt, it represents the beauty, the iconic, the wealthy wallet that she has.
ALMANow, let’s see who else makes Dome bags like Alma by Louis Vuitton?

Tory Burch, of course, I can’t help but found her bag, Robinson Open Dome Satchel very attractive and the size is practical for daily use.  Her leather is a good quality and her strap is adjustable. She even has the key pocket hanging on a side of the bag just like the ALMA. Nice, isn’t it? Take a look at the bottom of the bag. No big thick base like LV, she prefers the bag is made of leather entirely. The Alma bag shown here is coated canvas with leather bottom. I’ve been told by a company who makes leather goods, that it is difficult and time consuming to make a handbag base as straight and evenly stitched like Alma bag. Tory Burch dome bag is at $550 a pop. It is at least half of what LV is asking for. But if you want to resell the bag, Tory Burch doesn’t hold its value like LV’s.

Katespade-MasieKate Spade
This is a $298, called Maise satchel. It is a leather bag and very structural. I wonder how the zipper is? Have you ever played with Louis Vuitton zippers? They are so great in quality, you only need one hand to open and close their zippers. I’m not kidding.

So when you look at Dooney and Bourk-zip zip satchel, it is what I was talking about. The bottom leather trim with leather handles. Look how neat they made this handbag?



There are so many options out there for us. If you are not stuck with the fancy name but looking for an awesome design like Alma bag, you will love those handbags. I really love their quality in general.

My last iconic handbag from Louis Vuitton that I want to mention is the Speedy. It doesn’t matter what number comes after, 25, 30, 35. They all look amazing. I love how LV comes up with a shul
Speedy The famous handbag of all time by Louis Vuitton. Speedy-35

It is the same impression with the Keepall, travelling carry on size bags. I love love the speedy. I can’t decide if Alma is more practical when it comes to open space. I have seen many designers come up with whatever they can, offering a more affordable version of this bag. So let’s check them out.

First, Michael KorsGrayson. I do see this bag around the city here and there. It is very cute and look at the side pocket! that is something that Speedy doesn’t have. I also love the shoulder strap on MK bag. I actually saw this model at TJ Maax and wonder, should I get it?



Next will be Dooney and Bourkeno shoulder strap, no side pocket just like the other version of the speedy. Dooney came out with so many handbags almost identical to Louis Vuittong and YSL. I notice some quality that they have been improved their products. So there it is, another option for you.


 So move on to the famous Tory Burch, Robinson-MiddyBeautiful handbag, again by Tory. Shoulder strap and cell phone pockets are my must haves when it comes to a non-exterior pocket like this. Imagine that you have to open the zipper every time you want a phone out of it.

So, did you think I’m out of choices?
Check out one more designer, GUESS.

Surprise! There it is Guess satchel. Patent leather with a shoulder strap and not so busy design on this particular model. I used to like GUESS handbags during my college. I fall out of love once I found out more about other designers. But this bag is very affordable so check it out.



There they are like a parade of heaven. I wish I could own all these beautiful handbags. Maybe I can get one of each design! If you have anything similar to those iconic bags to share with me, please leave the comment below.
Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you again soon.



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What to wear to a wedding?

Formal Party Having a hard time searching for a dress to wedding season? Look no further. I have collected some collections for all wedding styles and season. All you have to do is getting that body of yours ready!
Let’s do Formal wedding first. I assume that there is a church involved and black tie-ish reception. If this is the kind of party you’re going to attend, check out my finds below:
I saw this cute dress, conservative enough to be in a church but fun to dance with on the dance floor, Nicole Miller has such a collection. This dress is very simple but chic. You can work on your jewelry and shoes for a pop of color. A clutch to match your shoes will work rock this outfit as well. It is important to have a dress that goes from church hour to reception. Check out Christian Louboutin handbag for options.


Many options out there. I usually let my accessories indicate my whole outfit whether it is a daytime or a nighttime. If you’re not sure about the venue and don’t really know what the reception dress code is, I would ask your date, or call the venue if the bridal parties can’t be reached. This way, you won’t look awkward at the wedding.

If this is a true black tie kind of party, then you might look for something formal but have some fun with the dress.

I found Alexander Wang in black. It looks like you’re going to work but when this dress coordinate with awesome jewelry, it will go from day to night.  Get that hair up in a neat bun and sparkle with hair pins. Added with classy earrings. If you don’t want to wear a short dress, try a long dress with a great weight material so it will give you a good flow. Check out this Donna Morgan rushed shoulder gown. It is sexy but it is formal enough to be in a church.



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If the weather is a bit chill, maybe you can get away with a long sleeves gown, but pick one that the cut screams “check out what I’ve got”. This is to avoid looking too formal or too bulky with long sleeves. Alter your sleeves length to fit where they should. Look at yourself in a mirror when you walk in it. Your heels won’t step on your gown, your gown is not too short to make you look funny. Get your hair neat and up so you can show your neck line. Or add extra jewelry to get attention to either your ears or makeup.

 Shop the Latest Styles by Wildfox at ShopManhattanite.com!


Spring fun and Flirty dress Your party that you attend is fun and low key? Feel free to throw some of these on and sway your hips like you mean it. Check out the Dolce and Gabana dress, very exotic and classy cut. I also found a Donna Morgan print dress. Very cute and low key. Great for beach wedding.





















The hunt for dress could be stressful if the wedding you’re going to is very important. Maybe your online tools is helpful? search for dresses that fit your body type so you feel comfortable and confident in it. Classy and simple is what I would go for. This way, you can always wear that dress again for other occasion.
This Ralph Lauren dress is cute. It is denim and got good weight to it. The hat and sun glasses compliment the dress so well, it makes you look very stylish. A simple dress like this wouldn’t make a mistake for formal wedding or non-formal wedding.
Then you can work on your makeup to pop those eyes or lips. Since you’re not a bride for the wedding, who cares what your make up look like?
Have fun and enjoy the food and music.

A Spring dress in a fit & flare cut will look good on a curvy body and helps a straight line body to look more feminine.  Make sure that it is altered to your curve and it fits well. Fit & Flare could look a bit off if you don’t have it fits right, it wouldn’t flare at the right place.
Check this dress out by Mary Kratantzou. The broad shoulder and the bottom of the dress meet at the same width. Makes the model looks curvy. The shoes is plane and simple but same hue as the base color of her dress. It is a great combination.

Pleat dresses are in for Spring 2014. If you are thin and straight line, pleat will make you look fuller and sexier. Add a belt to have your waist line indicate where your curve starts.


Some weddings theme is vintage, where the bride would wear something from the 70’s look. If you want to get along with the theme, then you can have fun with it. Most brides and grooms don’t require their guests to have the same dress code as their theme. You can avoid that but if you want to go with it, you will look cool standing next to them and have photo taken.













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Claire Underwood Fashion

I’m so in love with Claire’s fashions, I have to write about it.
Mrs. Underwood has a great body to begin with, this makes it so easy to look awesome in many outfits. Claire’s wardrobe is well tailored and chosen. Her role is very professional yet feminine. As a congress man’s wife, Claire expressed herself so beautifully and professionally in every occasion. Her outfits plays great role in her career and personal life. She is a spot light of the political gossip and she brings out the best in her body language.
I love all of her outfits, so I improve mine to look similar to hers {only they’re more affordable}. 

Claire Underwood WhiteButtondown

BananaRepublic white shirt

Let’s do some research on her dresses. All her clothes are well tailored so they look even more gorgeous and luxury. A simple white button down shirt like Banana Republic looks amazing on her lean body. The dark blond hair with stylish cut embraces her face really well. Her nail polish is neutral as well as her makeup. So as they say, “less is more at work” looks stunning on Claire.

During the day, Claire puts on a simple, classy, feminine and stylish cut to work. Her eyes express how powerful she can be, her voice is calm yet aggressive. Sometimes, I stared at her lips and zone out what she was saying. Very hypnotized to look at.


Claire Underwood-Black dress

Check out her CNN interview outfit, the neck line is simple yet sexy. Her long neck rocks it. I found something similar like the dress from White House Black Market and Ralph Lauren dress. These dresses go from day time till dinner. Fitted dress like these go with all body types as well. Claire keeps her jewelry in a low key. Nothing too big or too loud. Plain and simple.

Oxford shirt from Banana Republic states the tasteful style on her. This shirt is still available on the website. You’ll be surprised how difference it looks on her versus on the Banana Republic model.


Blue Oxford shirt by Banana Republic










I found my favorite top, white blouse with a bow tie, like the one on Claire. She had a black blazer on top for an outdoor meeting. I love love these tops. They are feminine and can be dressed up or down. Claire-blackblazer











Next dress, I called it the “media dress”. She usually puts on grey or black dresses when she is out in public with cameras.GreydressforClaire
Got something similar for her cut and style, this is a beautiful dress by Escada. I have so many dresses options out there where they represent Claire’s fashions.

Sometimes, you just gotta add something fun for your own style. I love this little grey dress with the cross body bag. It toned down the formal express of the dress quite a bit. You can also get your shoes to pop or a small necklace, wouldn’t hurt.




















Neutral or Red on a  fitted dress is not a bad idea, check out these Ann Taylor dresses. I love the cut so much.


















I have found her office outfit that I thought it was an awesome match from head to toe.

Her grey dress with Mulberry handbag. She got her reading glasses from RayBan and her Christian Louboutin heels. I think this is a great look for all of us girls.  Next to it, is her black dress by Zac Posen and the Muse handbag by YSL. Very elegant the way she is.





















Check out my finds for Claire’s Fashions. I hope you enjoy her look as much as I do.

Dress Options


Blazer Options


Glasses Options


Handbags Options

Saint Laurent marine calfskin 'Sac De Jour' top handle bagSaint Laurent putty grey leather and canvas 'Muse Two' convertible bag

Mulberry pheasant green pebbled leather top handle satchelBalenciaga black leather buckle and zipper detail convertible shoulder bag

Sequoia Paris black leather studded detail shoulder bagPrada milk chocolate leather large top handle bag
Clava Bags Turnlock Buckle ToteYves Saint Laurent Pre-owned: black leather 'Muse' vintage shoulder bag


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Louis Vuitton Agenda Refills PM size

Louis Vuittong
Sanrio Agenda refills

I want to start off with this Japanese style of refills for the agenda in PM size.
When it comes to Japanese stationary, they take it very seriously. Sanrio has been around for as long as I started school. Very cute and playful design and variety options to choose. I happened to find a refill for my agenda on ebay. It comes in all necessary categories. Sanrio provides plenty of fun space for you to write. Most of you know how small Lousi Vuitton agenda is in the PM size. I got my measurement out just to show you the agenda size and the refills size.

If you like to write a lot each day, then this is not a good size for you. I’m not going to do a review on this agenda, I just want to show you what choices of refills you will get besides Louis Vuitton’s refills. On the left side of the agenda where the measuring tape is, Filofax to do list. On the right side is Sanrio front cover refills, mine is “My Melody” design. I love this Sanrio choice because those menu tabs are awesome. There are 4 tabs divide each section for you.


Louis Vuitton Refills

Monthly tab gives you an overall year with months in columns and very small dates. Sanrio figured how to fit all in one page. Weekly tab gives a week per one page. This is nicer to write a short code or note for each day. Memo tab is a blag page that you can scratch anything a quick move. Mine has Melody design on it. Address tab gives small space to put name and phone number on. I tried to squeeze my address in but it is just too small. Sanrio also comes with a plastic divider labeled, Today, with a ruler printed on it. This is helpful when you want to know which page you’re on. I also enjoy using their cute little stickers, I’m sure they all mean something but I don’t understand Japanese, so I just use those on whatever I want.  There is a calendar page which lays out left and right so you can see all 12 months.

Menu tabs

Today divider keeps you on track of where you are

I spent about $22-$27 with shipping at the time. The seller on ebay has very limited options as quantity. You will be surprised how fewer the sellers are with this size of agenda. Here is the seller name, “meowmeowmie“. There are some other designs on her stock but I’m not sure how many she has available nowadays.


Monthly planner shows a whole month









Weekly pages give more space to write


The address book comes in the package










Agenda refill comes with calendar


Yearly page shows months in columns











Filofax refills

Next refills I want to mention is from Filofax. They did not have a full 2014 planner at the time that I was looking for refills. But I got some useful pages from Filofax for sure.  There are  To do list, Financial planner, Cards holder envelop, Zipper envelop, a page divider, and a big envelop. These extra sleeves fit the 6 rings Louis Vuitton agenda just fine. I like all of them because I can carry my other cards that I only use occasionally.


Filofax look and design gear towards a professional user. They come in different back ground tone, my to do list has a cotton yellow tone to it. I think it relaxes my eyes versus white. I love the financial pages because it gives just enough space to write the number but it organizes your thoughts of expense. The page divider is a bit too thin and narrow to me. I barely notice that it’s in my agenda. I love the zipper pouch even though it is small but I feels safe to put some cards in it.

I got the card holder envelop which has 4 pockets in one sleeve. Very convenient and I like that I can see through the other side.  You can find great review on the agenda itself and refills on youtube as well. I just want to break it down for you and what I think about them. Hope you find this helpful. 







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Valentine’s day gift- got a heart?

KateSpade for Paris

The cutest cross body bag from Kate Spade is very attractive. Kate Spade came out with pink Paris theme for the Spring. The heart shape bag is called Ooh lala Bellini. Size wise, HxWxD (6″x6″x3″). Cowhide leather for this bag and a gold hardware! Nice touch, Kate Spade. The lining is the iconic Kate Spade dots. of course.




The gold hardware is great for a night out and the pink is awesome for day time city walk. Love this bag already. The capacity is a bit small for a hoarder. But if you plan on a light street walk, this should be fun? The price is set for $248 even.
Surprise your love one with the Pink heart bag from Kate Spade!



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Louis Vuitton Collection Want to break that wallet of yours? Louis Vuitton got a gift just for that but you know your sweet heart deserves something nice and high end. Louis Vuitton came out with a coin purse, of course a heart shape!. The size is WxH (3.9″x3.1″), the iconic LV flowers scream all the girls name to get them. I like that they add the chain to this coin purse. I love LV chain and the clipper. They are very durable. Let’s get your girl some of those colorful accessories from Louis Vuitton. This particular one is called “Coeur coin purse”. The price is around $ 575 and it has a calf lining which is nice of LV to add little extra luxury to these coin purse.

LV-Heart-Pink LV-Heart-Pink2








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