Louis Vuitton NN 14 by Marc Jacob


Louis Vuitton NN 14 PM

The stunning iconic Noe has a twin! Marc Jacob left us with his last puzzle of design, what will LV bags look like without Marc? But I think his NN 14 PM is rather playful but practical handbags. I felt in love with “Noir” leather. I didn’t mind the tassel hanging around my bags as long as they are not coming off the strings. The fact that this is not a shoulder bag surprised me. It looks very daily essentials bag by design. I guess LV wants this to be one of their 2014 memories, if it has the should strap, it probably looks too much like the Noe.


Not to mention that at the bottom of this bag embossed with Spring/Summer 2014 inside. Making this bag so desirable.
Check out the LV buttons! They are everywhere but they are not screaming I’m a LV bag unless you know Noe originally. I also love the white leather, makes this design look so summery.
But a big fan of Damier eben like me has to stay low key because these NN are not in that print but Monogram. Got it? Noe bags, no Damier eben prints originally? they are only a few of those out in the market with custom order.
But any who, check out the Monogram prints though, it is gorgeous and it does scream LV bag. Somehow I find it proper for these two to be together, NN14 looks amazing in monogram prints. They come in GM size or large.

LV-NN14PM-WHLV-NN14monogramSpeaking of large, this NN 14 also comes in Crocodile leather, the amazing leather of all but the price is also not so very surprised. The local store in my city did not have the Crocodile version in stock just yet, so I didn’t get to feel the luxury of this bag.

The Peacock feathers version of this NN is beyond my imagination. It is a combination of crystals and feathers and it does look like a lot of work and a lot going on. Attention lovers probably faint when they see these first launched. Hope you enjoy the hand-pleated leather and Swarovksi crystal handle.




















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Louis Vuitton Favorite PM Review

A Small clutch that fits my essentials.
When I looked for a nice thin clutch which has plenty of room to fit my wallet and my phone and probably a lipstick, I went with LV, Favorite PM clutch. I’ve watched so many Youtube videos about clutches and found that most girls are pleased with Louis Vuitton clutch in general. Eva clutch was the talk of the town and still is. I then decided to take a look at Eva and Favorite PM size.

I have pros and cons for each of the clutch. See what you think?

Eva clutch Pros:

  1. catches an immediate attention with the golden plate in the middle and golden zipper on the top.
  2. It fits my Josephine wallet and my cell phone and a lipstick. It looked amazing with its gold shoulder strap.
  3. Longer in length, good for a long wallet.

Eva Clutch Cons:

  1. The longer strap is too long for my 5.2″ height but that could be fixed.
  2. The height is limited for my agenda PM.
  3. Zipper closure, more chances to break.

Favorite PM Pros:

  1. Taller in height, fits my agenda, my iphone and a small compact.
  2. Flap bag with a strong magnetic closure, fits more essentials if needed.
  3. Comes with shorter shoulder strap, good for petite ladies.
  4. Has an extra small compartment for my iphone.
  5. The gold strap is detachable on one end, easy to be tucked away while using the longer shoulder strap.

Favorite PM Cons:

  1. Shorter in length but fits a thin wallet like Josephine wallet and an iphone just fine.
  2. The golden plate on the front is very easily scratched.


  1. Eva clutch and Favorite PM has almost the same width which fits most of your daily essentials like a lip gloss, a think wallet, an iphone.
  2. Two shoulder straps for a cross body style and an evening like shorter strap.
  3. Very secure closure.
  4. Light weight.
  5. Very similar in price. Eva clutch is a bit cheaper than Favorite PM.
Favorite PM and Eva Clutch

Size and Look comparison.

Louis Vuitton Favorite PM size in Damier Ebene

Louis Vuitton Favorite PM size in Damier Ebene












Left: EVA Right: Favorite PM

Left: Eva Clutch Right: Favorite PM

Model shots. Keep in mind that I’m 5.2″.Both clutches fit right where my torso is and it is very comfortable even when filled with essentials. The Eva clutch has a D ring on one end of the zipper where you cannot detach the gold strap but the other end. I love that Eva clutch can be attached to your Neverfull or any bag that has a ring inside. Favorite PM sits perfectly just like Eva and the detachable gold strap is easily hidden when needed. I love the long shoulder strap, looks great as a cross body bag.









Front and back shots for the clutch. Check out the straps, the cow hide is 17.7″ long, great for a cross body bag. The gold strap is fancy enough for a night out.







The clutch also fits perfectly for my essentials. Check out my day time essentials this includes: my agenda in PM size, my small pouch from Josephine wallet, my lip gloss and iphone. Night out essentials, my wallet, iphone, and a lip gloss. I can also fit my compact if I want it to.











Strap length is perfect for petite size ladies 🙂 It is about 17.7″ full length. Very easy to detach from the bag as well as hook it on. I enjoy this clutch even more just because of this fact.



Drop a comment or any questions if you’d like?


Logo 500x80

Great source of youtube VDO for LV clutches comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y75GDMXq790

If this clutch is not your style? Check out the following options:
Fendi Shoulder bag
Burberry small clutch purse
Gucci canvas accessory pouch
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Favorite Blush, Benefit to Toofaced

I'm a makeup lover. I don't have enough even though I start to see same shades of blushes added to my dresser. Going back two years ago, Benefit launched "Hervana", a very beautiful pinky peach blush which looks awesome on a yellow undertone. I was impressed but thinking, my "Papa don't peach" by Too Faced is similar and gave such a great radiance throughout the day without screaming shiny. I'm so in love with Papa don't peach and always have it in my makeup bag. It's such an easy blended color and it goes with my yellow under tone.


Hervana by Benefit

Hervana by Benefit

Comparing Hervana with Papa don’t peach.

Hervana shows more pink on my undertone.
This color in a day light reminds me of Mistinguette by Nars.







Papa Don’t Peach, Too Faced


Papa Don’t peach by Too Faced

Love the peachy pink-ish blush even when it’s a darker lighting. This color is so great for a smokey eyes makeup. It can be toned down for a natural look so the eyes pop up.


Share you thoughts and experience with me 🙂






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NordstromRack Shopping

|Holidays Hours at NordstromRack

NRack-reviewIt was a late night around 8:00 PM, a week before Christmas. Nordstrom rack had this holidays hours and also clearance sales going on till late. I was so happy to find these essentials for Winter trip to Ohio.
A cute sweater from Free People. This is a nice and warm sweater with lace details on the sleeves.
Check out my new Michael Kors belt. It is all black with embossed MK and silver buckle.
I also found this stripes dress by Nordstrom. Got compliments on it first time worn 🙂
I also got this cards holder. A nice leather case by My Wallit. Very convenient for a road trip. Lots of card holder slots! My hair bands for holidays. Shimmery and sparkling just right.


What happy shopping for me on a late night and last minute. I have always been enjoying shopping at Nordstrom rack since they opened. What about you?

Fun at Nordstrom Rack









MARCJACOBNORDSTROM - Free Shipping & Returns

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Leather sleeves coat in trend

Leather-sleeves coats are everywhere in the fashion world. I have seen so many bloggers and tweets mention this and couldn’t help but wonder if I should get one myself? And who will I get it from? What if it’s no longer in trend next year? I guess I don’t really care as long as it looks classy to me. The collar is versatile for a single breast coat look. I’m aware of the oversize collar that may make a petite lady like me seem shorter or larger in the upper torso. I think I’m going for the versatile version of this coat. The camel color makes the faux sleeves look clean. The pocket leather trims give little touch to the front. This coat will be so easy to match with other accessories.


















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Nordstrom Wrap Up last minute gift

|Last minute gift on Christmas eve

Wonder how on earth you can get awesome gifts to your love ones just in time before Christmas day? Nordstrom offers the free shipping delivered by Dec 23!!! This is the breaking point for marketing by Nordstrom, I think. Their customer service and the shipping policy is by far the best. I actually found women wardrobe and makeup their website that I really want. They will be under the Christmas tree by Dec 24th and they are 50% off. Shop NORDSTROM for gifts for her from great brands. Plus, get free shipping and returns on every order.
I think Christmas is the time of year to shop for yourself as well 🙂 I love how much cheaper things can get as we are closer to the end of year. Well everyone, happy holidays and don’t forget to share what you get for Christmas!!



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Winter skin protection

Letting your skin naked during Winter? I have. And guess what? Wrinkles and freckles arrive sooner than I expected. It is true that we need vitamin D and sun light to make it work. We also need a good protection even if we can’t see the ray from that warm Sun during Winter. I was once let my facial skin unprotected during a winter and I’m still paying for it. My combination skin does not like the dry air from the indoor heat and it also dislike the fact that I did not put on sun screen at all.
It is obvious to me that my Asian skin loves the humidity from my home country. I spot wrinkles soon after I lived through my first Winter in the states. My habit of putting on sun screen has been very strict and once I break that habit, it ruins what I have earned in the past.
So ladies, there is no secret to that young looking skin. It is a protection and absolute cleansing routine before bedtime.
Click here to find out what I’ve been using to protect my skin

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For the love of MAC makeup brush

MAC Crease brush for good
Every time when I browse for a good makeup brush, I often ask myself, is it worth the price tag? Not until I watched a youtube video by a genius makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. She would mention and use MAC blending brush 217.
I wasn’t hesitating to get this brush when Lisa said that this is one of the best brushes out there. My honest truth to you is, I have not owned MAC brushes before this 217 brush. It is amazing as it is known for.
It does a magic job when you use it right. I use this to find my crease by move my hand in circulation movement till my crease shows up and I’ll be happy. It holds up its shape very well after many washes. So why not get one of these in your collection?

NORDSTROM - Shop Winter Skincare


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Tory Burch Pacey Ballet Flats review

|Stylish flats for wide feet

It is official. Wide feet like mine need cute and iconic flats like Tory Burch Pacey Ballet Flats!.


They are very flexible while walking. The bottom pebbled sole has the grips (similar to soccer shoes) provides a piece of mine that I’m not going to slip on a wet surface. The material on the outside is suede, with the snake print cap-toe. She put her iconic T logo on border of the snake print and the suede is, making these flats classy and cute.

For wide feet girls like me, you will find these flats  flex enough to walk around with. The widest part of your feet does make this flats look wider when you put your feet down. If you don’t mind that, then you should be fine. It hurts to be stylish and practical but with these flats, I think it will work with no pain.

Length wise: I think they are shorter than other flats out there. I usually wear size 7. With Tory, I have to go with 7.5 for my width then I will have to deal with the length myself.
With these flats, the length is perfect! and the width is not hurting. How awesome is that? I’m trying these on once again around 2 PM. when my feet most expand and walk around once more just to make sure there will be no rubbing on my toes.








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Nars One Night Stand Blush by Guy Bourdin

This is a holiday 2013 cheek palette that Nars works with Guy Bourdin, putting together this amazing blush colors for all undertone shades. I found this palette on Sephora.com and just couldn’t grab this set fast enough. It was $65 and I got to pick my free samples, FIXIT code provides 12 samples and a holiday pouch and last but not least, it was my birthday gift from Sephora. Back to this One Night Stand Palette, I was very excited to see “Orgasm” and “Deep throat ” in one palette. I tend to use these two colors often.
Loving to highlight my cheek bones and contour my face,


  • “Devotee” is an amazing highlighter where it gives just enough light reflex but not large pigment where you can see your fine lines.
  • “Mistunguette”, what a dare pink! it is little goes a long way kind of blush. Don’t let that bright pink run out away, it is pretty on all skin tones. You just need a right brush with the right amount. This can be a disaster if you do not know how to put on a blush
  • “Orgasm” is the famous peachy blush that everyone talks about on youtube and blogs. It is absolutely gorgeous on my undertone. I got to watch how much I use on my cheeks in the day light because a combination skin like mine, makes makeup seem darker as longer hours.OnenightTopswatch
  • “Laguna” as a bronzer is on the other hand blends so well with my warm undertone (yellow undertone).I love Deep throat for work environment while Orgasm is perfect for a night out.
  • “Deep throat” is very pretty for fresh, just finished from a workout look. If you have a darker undertone, you will find this blush so gorgeous because your color brings out the contrast of that shade.
  • “Goulue” the deep plum. I actually love this color for my bronzer!! yep that is correct, I used it to shadow my jaw line and to pop those cheeks up. It is a lot of blending and being patient though with this shade.


The only comment I would like to add here is that man Nars Palette do not name their shade on the palette. So when you first check this palette out, you may want to do a research before make a purchase. Hope you enjoy this palette as much as I do.









Check out other blush palettes by Nars



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