In Love in Fall

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Beginning of September, everyone knows what that means! Summer is almost over and Fall is just around the corner. I happened to spot a sale on H&M website last week. It was the online only 10% off sale. As most of you probably know that H&M fitting room line is 10 miles long. I love ordering their products online.
Now, H&M does run small and long. I am a very vertical challenge and petite size so buying H&M online is quite nervous for me. I managed to get a cute trench coat, a dinner blazer in white and a black T-Shirt. They are very adorable but as I mentioned, they run small and longer than my torso would like. Two days later, I returned my H&M trench coat.


I have Burberry trench coat here to give you a classic look, military style.
As you know, Burberry trench coat is over $1,000 but it is very stylish and classic. I love looking at it. Too bad I don’t feel like spending a thousand dollars on a coat that I only use in one season.
So here is my “Style Look Alike” for this post. H&M trench coat VS Burberry’s.

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Beauty for your type

I recently got a chance to try on new makeup like Nars Voulez Vous Cousher Avec Moi makeup palette and decided to purchase it during the Anniversary Sale from Nordstrom. I was very excited about it because Nars quality has been known as second to none. The SA at the Nordstrom was very nice to me. She mentioned that this palette is for Fall 2013, I bought this back in the summer. I went home and played with it. I love makeup as much as I love purses. I gotta tell you, the shadows are nice. I love the grey shade in it, it’s easy to play with especially smokey eye makeup.  Here are the names of the eye shadows and blushes.
NARSVoulezVousPalette includes:
– Eyeshadow in Molokaï (0.03 oz.).
– Eyeshadow in Antananarivo (0.03 oz.).
– Eyeshadow in Rangoun (0.03 oz.).
– Eyeshadow in LHASA (0.03 oz.).
– Blush in Deep Throat (0.15 oz.)
– Blush in Dolce Vita (0.15 oz.).

I’m not a big fan of plum or too pink blush, it makes my cheeks look rather red by the end of the day. I love golden tone, brown, coral shades. But other than that, this palette is very easy to work with and I love that I can use the nude color for my brows. It’s been in my purse for three months straight. The palette itself is very light and thin, so easy to pack. Love the fact that it doesn’t get messy even when I pack it in my carry on.

This is my all time favorite bronzer, Bourjois Delice De Soleil bronzing powder. It is extremely matte and does the job so well, I have to take it with me along with the Nars palette. This one has a 360 degree mirror, supper nice and convenient. I love that the color is matching my under tone so well. Very recommend this to all ladies. I didn’t care for the brush that comes with it though. It’s pretty harsh on my skin. This palette lasts a long time, other wise.


Nordstrom shopping this weekend was fun. No one was really there on a beautiful Sunday afternoon so I felt like I had the mall all by myself. The mission was to get my makeup all set for this cold weather. Guess what? Chanel made it to my can of beauty 🙂 Start off with Chanel Double wear, with my skin tone and undertone being yellow and golden-ish, this finishing powder is so smoothly cover my large pores. I’ve only have this for 3 days, so I can’t brag much about it. So far so in love with this powder. MakeupNordstromNext purchase was Nars Adult Content blush palette, yes it is worth it. It’s called “Adult Content” and it is adult all the way. This palette has made it to my travel with me makeup set. Goes so well with my eye shadow & blush palette by Nars as well.

NOVEMBER 20th 2013
{The daily essentials}

Often, I found myself look for these following favorite makeup and moisturizer. 1. My EverydayMinerals foundation. It is supper easy to blend and the shade is perfect for my undertone. I picked mine from their website and it was right on. I looked and looked and compared, Medium beige neutral is my daily favorite mineral foundation. Along with my number 2.Ecotools brush! what a soft brush to use on daily basis. I have never been disappointed with Ecotools. Totally recommend this company for all ladies. 3, the Mani&Pedi by Estee Lauder! I keep this big tube in my office at work. The powerful AC and heater dry up my skin very quickly. I always add lotion on my hands and elbows throughout the day to keep them moist. This is by far the cheapest quality Mani and Pedi. Lastly number 4, Wet N Wild lipstick, this is a “Bare it all” shade and it is nude enough for my lip color. EverydayBeauty

When Chanel Les Beiges came out, the first impression I got was, I have to have this powder. I was going through my hesitation until I went to Nordstrom to explore myself with this brand new powder.
By surprise, I did not find a true match with my skin tone. The sale assistant handed me, Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere and this is a long wear powder. I was surprise how easy it was to find my color. Not to mention that I told her about how much I love my perfection lumiere liquid foundation. This powder falls under “Foundation” on Chanel website, but I didn’t find it heavy for cakey at all.


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