The Innisfree Korean masks review


|Innisfree it’s a real squeeze mask review

Ever wonder why Korean women have such a nice skin? I always do. Part of it, I think they have great genes. They age so well that you don’t have to waste your time guessing their age because you won’t get it right.

Now, I have found these masks on Amazon website by accident. It was 15 masks for $15! To me that is worth the try. The catch is you will have to wait! The shipping took a while to get to me but it’s all good!
I first tried the cucumber mask. As it said on the package, “Real Source Mask with fresh moisture squeezed from cucumbers to provide plentiful moisture to your skin”. Ok! that is very convincing. So I bought a set of 15 masks, variety scents. Each scent has its own slogan like this one. I was looking for an extra moisture for my face and was tired of using heavy moisturizers. I wanted to get something that freshen up my skin and wanted to feel like I pamper myself while at home when everyone else is sleeping.

How does it feel?
It felt cold at touch. They recommended to avoid eye and lip area so I immediately looked at the ingredients. Yep! there is alcohol in the first top 5 ingredients. Surprisingly, cucumber juice is not the very main ingredient but it’s in there.
I did feel fresh and skin felt so soft after 10 mins. I didn’t want to chance it leaving the mask on for 20 mins. Just wanted to play safe on the first trial. I patted dry and waited 2 minutes then I applied my regular moisturizer because it is Summer and I didn’t want any Sun damaged.
I will try my second mask at night time when all I need is a night cream and sleep! But this one was a flash of excitement to get to try something new.

I will update my Korean mask journey on each scent here. For now, Cucumber is doing well.










Cucumber-to add moisture to your skin.

Cucumber-to add moisture to your skin.


Innisfree-Korean-Mask on me. My skin felt so soft after 10 minutes













Bija on the other hand has a very strong alcohol. Suggestions: tear the mask around the eye area away from the sensitive area of your skin. The burn sensation was very high, it felt almost like the water prove mascara has gotten into your eyes during shower. I lifted the mask up near my chin area as well because my skin was very itchy that day.

I would not recommend this Bija mask even though after 15 minutes of masking everything was fine


Manuka Honey

I was pretty excited to try Honey mask. The minute I put it on, it felt right. No strong alcohol but somewhat there. All three masks have irritated my eyes during masking. Honey is by far gave sensation feeling and no burning on the skin. I would say the mask felt so soft and enjoyable.

Korean Mask- Honey

Korean Mask- Manuka Honey

IMG_3211 IMG_3212





After a long day at work, I knew I would grab one of these Korean masks. So today, I tried Bamboo just to replenish my skin. It’s been a hot Summer here and having a nice cool velvety mask on felt so good.
Bamboo is supposed to keep the skin moist, so let’s see.
I last did the mask 4 days ago. I felt like my skin is clear and pores appeal smaller. I had a small acne and it seemed to diminish after my third mask.

This one is also gave me a burn sensation around the eye area. My next mask, I will just let it sit outside the package for 5 minutes before I put it on my face. Will see if the alcohol evaporate. But so far, Bamboo and Honey are my favorite. They both feel gentle and leave skin so soft afterwards. I left Bamboo on my face for 30 minutes. Skin felt fine and refreshing.
Innisfree-Bamboo-Mask Innisfree-Real-Mask It's real squeeze mask-bamboo








Shea butter
Sheat butter

Surprise! This is one of a kind. I love how it’s buttery and alcohol free. I left this one on as long as the package recommended. The skin felt so soft (of course). It didn’t give me the eyes burning sensation at all. I definitely give this a 5 stars!








Tea tree
Tea tree was not much different than cucumber. Refreshing, soften the skin and gave tiny bit of burning around the eye area. If you wear contact lenses, I would take them off before putting on the mask or close your eyes and just sit back relax for 15-20 minutes.Innisfree-Teatree Innisfree-Teatree




Green tea

Innisfree-Greentea Innisfree-GreenteaGreen tea was nice and gentle. Less alcohol than other ones. It is very refreshing if you are looking for something to wake you up or to refresh after a long hot day.

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Louis Vuitton Sonatine Handbag


Click on photos below for a larger view.

Please leave comments below if you have any question.

Thank you




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LV Series 2 exhibition 2015

When you want to see them all.
Louis Vuitton invited their customers to see their Series 2 exhibition in LA. Feb 6 – 22, 2015.


I would love to see this but I just don’t live in LA! If you get to visit their exhibition, please share your thoughts. This could be fun and insightful.

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KatVon-D Eye shadows review

|One palette that has it all

Ladies!  I was on a hunt for a nice eye shadows palette which contains fun colors, build able high pigmentation and long lasting.
Well, I read and read and research and I found this Kat Von D palette at Sephora. Buying it without a doubt due to many great reviews on the shadows. I even Youtube research as well. Let’s take a look at the products first.
Katvon-D-Eye shadows

Here it is guys! There are 9 fun eye colors. Those are fun colors and absolutely smokey eye friendly. The big 3 pans on the top row are the eye base color! They give you extra base because you’d use those colors very often.

I have tried all of these and here is what I think:
1. The pigmentation is very high so a little bit goes a long way.
2. Each color is very distingtive so it is fun to play with more than 3 colors on one eye.
3. It is build able with the right brush.
4. Those base colors are very generous of Katvon.
5. I think they fall out too much during application. I feel like using Naked 1 and 2 all over again.
6. It doesn’t give me a wow when I first applied them, they just have that Naked quality and I do have 2 palettes of eye shadows that I do not touch.

Here are names for each eye shadows.

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Ralph Lauren Riding Boots-wide calf

Wide calf riding boots by Ralph Lauren

These boots are great for wide feet too!

Looking for a pair of comfy riding boots? Try one of these by Ralph Lauren. Mila wide calf riding boots are very nice built, wide calf has plenty of room. Please try their regular calf size first and compare them. I got one with a regular calf width and half size up for my feet to fit comfortably.
These are not Cole Haan comfy level, so look for a nice pair of inserts. I walked on them for four hours and felt a bit sore on my left foot. My inserts are not as soft as I expected. The sole on the boots are like a hard wood floor but the leather itself is soft and bendable. Easy to walk on.

Absolutely try their black color as well. They both look great but I fell in love with the brown. Keep it simple for work and casual for a walk in a part or grocery shopping in the Winter!

Get yourself a nice pair of skinny jeans or leggings and these boots will look great on your legs!


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Holiday Sales 2014

Early Access to Black Friday, click below

Best Holiday Sales 2014 is here.

Hi everyone! I have included awesome deals for this holiday event for you! From great package to 60% off. Enjoy shopping.
Nars makeup for sale

BlueFly Holiday Gift

THANKSGIVING SALE! We’ve Taken Up To 60% OFF Select Styles. Shop Now! Offer Valid on Select Merchandise.




60% Off at Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Holiday sales 2014














Special price for these items

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Benefit Majorette Cream to Powder Blush

|Their first Cream blush

Benefit created amazing blushes for many years. Their most famous one was Dandelion and it still is available and on demand. Today, Benefit launched their first cream to powder blush, Majorette!. It is coral base but the pigmentation and color varies on skin tones. I have an yellow skin tone and the coral pops just right the way I wanted it.

Texture: very smooth and easy to apply. Benefit cream blush is easy to pick it up by finger rubbing on the product and apply on your cheeks. It goes on smoothly and matte finish. I would say, a cream blush brush would work very well on this one as well.
Majorett cream blush-Benefit

Duration: It stays on pretty long lasting. I have a combination skin where some times my cheeks could be shiny. I found this blush doesn’t give extra shine but holds itself in place.
Majorette Cream blush-Benefit

Priming: I use a great liquid foundation before apply this blush on. It goes on easier than applying the blush on top of finishing powder or compact. If you forget to apply this blush right after the foundation, try to tap it on top of the compact powder instead of glide or rubbing it on.

Majorette package-Benefit

Packaging: Very light weight and easy to open! It is bulky though to travel with. I like the cupcake design and girly pattern on the side. There is no applicator, so fingers are the best bet.

What do I think? This cream blush is worth the try. I always love coral blush color than pink. My oily skin tends to darkening most blushes, putting pink blush on, it looks red by the end of the day.
I really do think that it will look amazing on a dark skin tone. Try it and tell me what you think?

I also found similar drug store cream blush that gives the same result but bit harder to apply. Maybelline dream bouncy. They offer wide range of color for all skin tones. I got myself two of them and very well worth it. Right now, Walgreens are having makeup sales, so hurry!

Majorette cream to powder blush









Try similar products

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014


|YSL exclusive at Nordstrom

I’ve got one of the best value set by YSL at Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It is the YSL essential set.

Touch Eclat Radient NO2

eclat_touche_y_s_lThe ultimate radiant highlighter for all skin type. I love how easy it goes on my skin without moving my foundation/ finishing powder. I use my finger to tap gently on my skin and it is matte finish! I can’t be any happier because my oily skin is avoiding anything oily in the Summer. This No.2 is perfect for my skin tone at the moment. I used around my brows to give a highlight and it looks great. A little bit goes a long way for this product. Two thumbs up!






Water Proof Eye Pencil
BLACK-INK-YSLI’m usually go for liquid eye liner to avoid any messy smudge after a long day. I tried this one both along my water line and on top of my lashes roots. It applies smoothly and it doesn’t get smear or messy. Big fan of this one too.











Mini Baby Doll Mascara
Yves_Saint_Laurent_Mascara_Volume_Effet_Faux_Cils_Baby_Doll_1368444416This one on my photo is a full size. The one comes in the set is a mini 0.06 oz. I like the non-clumps liquid texture. It is easy to apply, the wand itself helps to define lashes. It is not a stay curl mascara, you will need to curl your lashes very well with the curler first, then apply one coat. After that I would say apply another coat of mascara to give it a “baby doll” look.





Eye Make up Remover

YSL-EyemakeupRemoverThis one is called Top Secret Pro Removers. It is an oil base but it works just fine. I like Shu Uemura version better. This is a great size for traveling though. If you are looking for compact eye make up remover, this is the one to go for.








YSL glossy stain No.7

I love this lip stain because it goes on very matte but I still need YSL lip stain 7a bit of a lip gloss to make it shine. The color stays on pretty long and it smells so good. IMG_9230



YSL cosmetic pouch


This pouch is a compact size, light enough to be in my daily handbag and thin enough to fit in a cosmetic bags for traveling.

Full Size Options




Healthy Skin


Nars Blush Review

One Night Stand Palette


French Pharmacy

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