SJP-Sarah J Parker ‘Diana’ Pump Review

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It seems to me when a celebrity creates her/his own designer collection, it is a heart pounding result. When I first heard that Sarah J Parker was going to have her own shoes line, I was “Yay, finally!”. The awaiting was not over when I saw her ‘Diana’ pump. What a simple, classy and sexy in one black pair of shoes. Good for you Sarah. So then I put “going to review” on my blog before Feb 28th 2014 {launched date}. I waited a month later to see what other girls are thinking about her design. Surprisingly, I barely saw ‘Diana’ on the internet. I follow SJP collection on her instragram. Love the photos posted by her customers.


I’m a big fan of, not so much going on when it comes to shoes. Check out the look of her design. These are patent leather, so supper shiny on your feet. The cross-strap is to die for. Those pointy toes are so sexy with every outfit. Heels are high just like her “Sex and the city” kind of selection. These shoes absolutely scream “I’m sexy and I know it”.

I then tried them on with some of my go to outfit to see which one wins. Absolutely love these with my crop pants. A skirt looks great with these as well. One thing about these shoes, they are not wide feet friendly. If you do have wide feet like I do, it is most likely that they don’t fit as well as those narrow and long feet. I’m assuming that SJP has very narrow feet. I have to order half size up and was hopping that they will fit fine. I was wrong. If I order one size up, the length will make my feet look funny. Those narrow pointy toes are hot looking but they are not comfortable to be in them.













Check out my working outfit with her shoes. They are black but they go with everything. I’m wondering if these would look good if they come in neutral/ brown or even red?











When getting a new pair of shoes, I often concern about how many outfit I can wear them with? Are they versatile for day to night event? Am I wearing a fashion heels torture device? Sound insane but I do care about my feet health. How long do you girls let your feet in so much pain before taking your shoes off?

I tried these with my stripe skirt that I got from Nordstrom Rack. Not bad, not bad.














Let’s talk price and value. Since these are brand new collection, I think the value is bit too soon to be discussed? The price is up there with Tory Burch and Michael Kors. I think these shoes are calling for working women . I would say, SJP‘s quality is 8 out of 10. The heels are stable even though they are tiny. Don’t worry ladies, you can still stride in these. I checked the flexibility of the sole while walking, they are not too stiff not to mention these are brand new. Comfort level? like I mentioned earlier, narrow feet and long will be happy with them. Wide feet girls will have to try them on and walk around the shoes department before making a decision.

So what do you think? Do you own any of SJP shoes collection? Share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from my readers.

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