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|Get ready for Spring; get cute shoes

Valentino Slingback Pump

Spring sandals





Spring heels









Looking for boots that fit both your calves and pants? Try on these Ralph Lauren Mila wide-calf riding boots and see what you think?

|Fall in Boots & Shoes


These are on sale!

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|What’s with the buckle?

They look sexy on those ankles, don’t they? Long legs, short legs, wide ankles, skiny ankles love them.
You just have to try them on. Short legs look for a skiny strap and go with your own skin color. So your shoes won’t shorten your legs length.
Wear them with jeans, a skirt or a dress. I tried with ankle length jeans and they look awesome too. The buckles tucked right under the jeans.

Have fun ladies!

Also love these

|Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014

It is around the corner! July 10th, 2014 everybody. Let’s get your membership card ready and head over there. Show us some goodies that you get! Online and in Store. Have fun!

NORDSTROM - Shop Pre-Season Designer Looks




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NORDSTROM - Shop Designer Clearance

SJP-Diana Pump Review


It finally is here, my review for SJP, ‘Diana’ pump. Click here or on the photo to read my full thought about them.
Hope you enjoy your day and loving your shoes.










Yep, if you know Sex and the City, you know Carrie Bradshaw. And if you know this character, you know how much she loves shoes. I can’t think of anyone else I know personally who has or loves shoes this much. I have a complete set of all seasons of Sex and the City and Carrie Bradshaw took the crown.

I’m not going to talk about Carrie, I’m going to let you know (again) that Sarah is having her own shoes line. Working with CEO of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkemus, Sarah comes up with “great old school” and “something different”.

SJP is her signature for shoes. I can’t wait to see one of those walking around town. I own a pair of Manolo Blahnik myself. Not to brag, but they are comfy. See what happens when you invest in quality?

Anyway, 2014 is when Sarah Parker will launch her own shoes design at Nordstrom!. Let’s save up for some $200 – $ who knows” for a pair of shoes. I hope they come in wide for my flat wide feet.

Do you own a pair of Manolo? or you can’t wait to get SJP’s collection?


November 18th 2013

Love me love my booties. I have been on a hunt for nice booties and boots.


Found these two pairs and wanna share with you.

{Gucci side zip ankle boots}
Here is Gucci Black Leather for ya. I think they look amazing but some of us don’t want to hurt our wallet, so I found a similar ones on I think they both look amazing. If you check out ZARA website, those boots are amazing with leather pants as well. I like how they blend in with leggings.

{ZARA:Stretch Leather Ankle Boot}


|Flat out surprise

Looking for cute ballet flats? Click here for Tory Burch Pacey flats


|SJP Shoes at Nordstrom

It is now that Sarah Jessica Parker makes it happen. All those strides on the New York city side walk have arrived at Nordstrom. If you don’t live in the city that Nordstrom carries her shoes line. You can always order them online and see them for yourself. As for me, I love love the look of this Diana Pump:

Sarah also offers her clutch line. It reminds me of the Chanel clutch

So check her new line of fashion out today at Nordstrom Shop covetworthy shoes, handbags and apparel from the new SJP line now at NORDSTROM. Free shipping and returns on every order. and share them with me if you’d like.


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