Tory Burch Pacey Ballet Flats review

|Stylish flats for wide feet

It is official. Wide feet like mine need cute and iconic flats like Tory Burch Pacey Ballet Flats!.


They are very flexible while walking. The bottom pebbled sole has the grips (similar to soccer shoes) provides a piece of mine that I’m not going to slip on a wet surface. The material on the outside is suede, with the snake print cap-toe. She put her iconic T logo on border of the snake print and the suede is, making these flats classy and cute.

For wide feet girls like me, you will find these flats  flex enough to walk around with. The widest part of your feet does make this flats look wider when you put your feet down. If you don’t mind that, then you should be fine. It hurts to be stylish and practical but with these flats, I think it will work with no pain.

Length wise: I think they are shorter than other flats out there. I usually wear size 7. With Tory, I have to go with 7.5 for my width then I will have to deal with the length myself.
With these flats, the length is perfect! and the width is not hurting. How awesome is that? I’m trying these on once again around 2 PM. when my feet most expand and walk around once more just to make sure there will be no rubbing on my toes.








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  • Situation a couple of items i was looking for. I did not anticipate that we’d receive so much away from reading through through your own compose up! You’ve just received your returning buyer

    • Hello I olympique, I’m not sure if I understood your comment “returning buyer?”. I’m not selling those flats, i’m just reviewing them for flat feet people 🙂 well I’m glad you found my post and thank you for leaving a comment for me. Made my day.

  • Great review. I love yours with the snakeskin toe cap and suede. My best friend and her Mom both bought a pair of these and they suggested I get a pair too. I LOVE mine. I got the black leather with patent toe cap. LOVE LOVE LOVE. These are mine. https://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/10217917746/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/10332233666/

    Thanks for sharing your review.

    • Hello Brian!
      Thank you for reading the review. I love your leather toe cap too. Do you have issues with the gold metal wrap around the toe at all?
      Love your photos too.

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