Le Louvre-The world most famous museum

|Where Mona Lisa lives 

I was more impressed with the modern architect than the grand palace itself!! So I digged a little deeper. This glass pyramid was designed by an American Chinese modern architect, Ieoh Ming Pei. How awesome is that? He combined the strength of steel and glass, created a pyramid shape placed it on top of the originally was a parking lot. The trick is, the entrance is under the ground!! Now, imagine Parisian were freaking out about ruining their Napoleon palace!!!Le Louvre
Any who, the pyramid entrance project was done in 1989 and it has become one of the most famous Paris icons ever since. If you are inside, take a good look through the glass with all those steels crossing. The palace itself didn’t loose its beauty at all. In fact, I think it looks like you are inside a room and looking out a window. At night this pyramid is so gorgeous. If you turn your back to the U shape place and look straight, the pyramid blends with all modern buildings along the road too. I would say Pei was a genius!!
Water fountain surrounds the main pyramid. Great for relaxing and hanging out.
Paris is a very large city. Not only the size, but the architect that caught me of guard while stride along the roads. I’m jealous that Parisian are enjoying their outdoor activity surrounded by beautiful architect. I was very lucky to be able to get inside the museum without standing inline. Why not?!

Was it worth it?
Yes, if you love arts, lots of arts. I don’t think you can get sick of looking at them. Those arts are large and very beautiful. I do not know much about painting, but I appreciate the hard work of getting them together in one place. So I enjoyed my short hour inside the museum. {12 Euros with no guide tape}Going-in

IMG_9045 IMG_9044


This was once a parking lot

Le Louvre Museum

Looking in through the Pyramid glass


The modern architect master by I.M.Pei

Le Louvre

It is clear, you will need 3 days to finish the collection inside the museum



















Mona Lisa

It was worth every step I made to see Miss Monalisa. Her skin seemed very yellow to me. She wasn’t so big but got tons of attention. It did not take me long to approach to her face to face though. After the Europe trip, I totally understood why many artist in that generation did so many self-portraits.

One of the painting I had to get my focus right, was once on the French bill. The woman with one shoulder dress (just joking).
It was much larger than the Monalisa’s and very powerful to look at. It got me stare there for a while. The more I look at those paintings, the more I realize how hard I worked on my drawing and really bad at painting. Good job French artists.French
If you love God and Jesus paintings, you’ll love Louvre museum. Many collections and sizes. It made me wonder how did people back then know what Jesus looked  like? They all turned out to look alike even though they were painted in different countries and times?p1




I was actually got caught by surprised of how big the next painting is. I totally forgot the name but the long table across the room reminds me of “the last supper” I know it is not the same one. This painting was huge, sits across from Mona Lisa! It made her look even smaller.




Walking out of the museum was not hard but it was hard to find a restroom. If you get there earlier than 5 PM, there is a nice cafe on one end of the building {I honestly don’t remember the name of it}. It would have been nice to relax inside the museum. So I took my last glance at the ceiling of Napoleon’s house or so call palace. What a one lucky man!

IMG_9073 IMG_9075








p3 p5








p5 p6












My one last look at Miss Mona Lisa


Napoleon’s little nook

IMG_9067 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9065





















Out I went, to the blue sky and nice breeze. I had to enjoy this on the green well-maintain grass in front of Le Louvre. I wanted to spend my day like a Parisian. So I got myself a croissant {my 12th croissant).
IMG_9087 IMG_9084 IMG_9085






Looking out to apartments buildings {really? You live here?}
The weather was perfect. The view could not get any better than this. “I’m in Paris, I’m taking it in”. It was my last stop before the train ride back to Amsterdam.

Next time, I’ll come prepared.

But for now, I got myself a spot on the grass and munched that fatty croissant for the last time.


Walking straight from the Louvre and saw this familiar looking gate!
IMG_9081 IMG_9083

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