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Le Louvre-The world most famous museum

I was more impressed with the modern architect than the grand palace itself!! So I digged a little deeper. This glass pyramid was designed by an American Chinese modern architect, Ieoh Ming Pei. How awesome is that? He combined the strength of steel and glass, created a pyramid shape placed it on top of the […]

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Solo in Paris Part II

Second mission of this trip, Eiffel tower early morning. I thought I was going to make the sun rise at the tower but poor me, I was so tire, hours later I have arrived! It was a bit of a hunt for me as I did not really know how to get there. I followed […]

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Amsterdam in the rain

If it wasn’t for the beautiful ancient canals, the amstel beer, the red light district and the famous bikes in the town, I would have been sleeping in bed because it was rainy, windy and cold. We took 2 trains to where we stayed, Lelylaan. Right outside the heart of Amsterdam, I was able to […]

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