Heavenly sweet in Greece

|Oia, Santorini

The timing could not be so right than May in Santorini. The breeze was a bit strong though the heat from the Sun balanced it during the daylight. I was in Heaven.
I chose to stay in Oia, a small town on the Santorini island. It is located on the tip of the Island. A peaceful and beautiful town like Oia draws many tourists yearly. My husband and I stayed in a cave house called, Old Oia House. This cave house sits right at the favorite photo spots. We often had tourists in front of our main door but it was not any issues because our room is isolated from the crowds.
Oia, the non-hidden beauty on the island got the Sunset view and the moonlight panorama shots. I fell in love with both views. At night I sat outside and just smiled at the reflection of the moonlight in the water. What a stunning scene to stare. I was surrounded by volcano erupted islands and here it is right in the middle of the realm of those islands, the big moon shining so bright it took everyone’s breath away.

OIA, Santorini

Every morning in Oia to this view.

Mornings in Oia were amazing. We enjoy a nice quiet moment before tourists arrive around 10 AM. I had plenty of time to feel the breeze and the sound of silence. It was gorgeous and exciting to be in it.

OIA, Santorini 2014








Food in Oia!

Food in Oia, Santorini


We also enjoyed the local food in Oia. I love love their spaghetti shrimp. I had that twice in two different restaurants! The sauce and the flavor of the shrimp were just blended so well, I can’t describe it right.
Check out the view while dinning also. It just took my breath away.


The Donkey beer was something new to explore. Some people like it, but we think it’s okay.
We found a nice restaurant where we could see 360 degree, nothing blocking the view. The catch was, the wind. The restaurant came up with a genius idea, removable windows. Way to go!





CIMG5008 copy











We enjoyed all the food and service in Oia. Make sure that you round up your bill just to be nice for tipping regard. Don’t worry about eating those breads and spaghetti either because you have 200 stairs to burn them out for you.

Oia town


We love our days in Oia so much. All the small walk ways are very easy to adapt to. Watch for donkeys and their poop! Oia has so much to offer, we spent two days exploring the town by  just walking.

Oia town explore day 1

Oia walk

Oia town, explore day 1

Exploring Oia

Oia, Santorini

Postcards along the side walk













Can’t avoid these guys, Donkeys in Oia

Oia, Santorini

The mill-top of Oia

Oia sky

Perfect blue

We flew in to Oia from Amsterdam by Transvania airline and landed in Santorini. It was heaven at first sight. We got to our room and dropped off our belongings then kept walking. It was so much to see all at once. Many tourists also have arrived Oia at about the same time as we did. Nice and cozy little town. I love it.
We took a private limo from the airport to Oia, so we by pass all the wait and crowds. Great start for low energy me.
If you want to know more about our trip or how to get to Oia, please leave a comment below. Will be happy to help you out.
Oia is also famous for the Sunset in Oia! I had seen many postcards but did not know where they were taken until we walked to the very tip of Oia. Here we saw one of the most beautiful sunset where you can just relax with excitement. The view was all we needed. Calm and quiet ocean with a drop of sunset, couldn’t get any better.


Oia, Santorini

On our way to the Sunset

Oia, Santorini

Oia is pretty

Enjoying the Sunset at an awesome restaurant called, Lioyerma. It is located at the very West of Oia, you can’t miss the Sun from this place. The swimming pool is available for public as well. It is a very big restaurant and pool. Clean and great service from Lioyerma! The only catch is, when get to Greece in the late Springs, you will get plenty of breeze, sitting at this place can be a bit windy with sand from the ocean too. Just to keep you posted on this.

Sunset in Oia, May 2014 Sunset in Oia, May 2014







When you get a chance to visit Lioyerma in the summer, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit! I recommend the hotel right across from this lounge, Marizan caves. You will have daily Sunset view if you stay here. My cave house was very nice too but I have most of the Sun rise, and it was gorgeous! I took a short walk to this lounge to view the Sunset.

Lioyerma restaurant.

Lioyerma in Oia for Sunset evening

Hotels in Oia

Marizan Caves has the Sunset view in Oia.

Shopping in Oia!
Oia shopping

Souvenir in Oia

Oia shopping

Shops and stores in Oia

Food in Oia

Grocery store in Oia

Oia is not cheap comparing to an average U.S. price. If you live in NY or Sanfran, you might find Oia at a reasonable price. We did grocery shopping twice for our 6 days in Oia. Grocery shopping was around 22 Euros, we got eggs, bread, spaghetti for 2, a bottle of juice, a butter and a bag of rice. I got some snack for us when we were on a trip.
Grocery is of course cheaper than dinning out. But you want to make sure that your hotel has kitchen ware and stoves. We love our place, it was the right size and easy access from the front door.
We also did a souvenir shopping. I did a small light weight shopping due to my 3 up coming countries. It would be too much to carry fragile gifts.

Getting around in Oia
Cars in Oia

Smart cars/ City cars 20 Euros a day

Santorini Bus ticket

Taking local buses is cheap and safe 1.60 Euros

Bus in Oia

Buses in Fira, go to Oia and the rest of the island

Oia is a small town, in fact Santorini has small roads to serve the number of cars driven on this island. Oia by itself has a very narrow road all the way from Oia down to Akrotiri. One road, that’s all you need. Tourists rent a city car or motorcycle to get around a small town or throughout the island. It does save you time but driving can be dangerous in Oia. Local buses arrive every 30 mins at the bus station in Oia. They are huge buses and clean. Make sure you have you change ready for the collector. They do not take credit or debit for sure. I believe it is 1.6 Euros from Fira (main hub) to Oia one way, per person.
If you’re not sure where to go or what to do , there is a tourist office right in front of the Oia bus station.




Our Cave house & the view
I booked our cave house via Air bnb. It was such a lovely place to stay in Oia for 6 days! if you can, spend a whole month here, you won’t even feel bored. It is always something to do. Great view to see. I love our little bathroom and kitchen. We even have two extra beds in our living room area (which is big). We put our belongings there for our next trip. cave house in OiaAll windows and doorsBathroom in cave house are cute and fit the cave house image. This room was renovated 10 years ago. The floor is supper clean and no squeaky. We had our maid daily for our bread and she changed our sheets and filled up our fruit juice every other day!. The hot water came on like no minute. We finished our shower so quickly this way. It is away from the crowds because our room is away from the stairs and main walkway. This walkway is crowded during late morning to late afternoon due to  tourists from the cruises arrival. Our cave house is supper chic, supper clean, on a superb location.
Click on the photos to enlarge them. Hope you enjoy my Oia blog.
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Cave house bedroom Cave house in OiaCave house in OiaCave house in Oia



































Our view from the balcony. The cave house is facing the realm of the volcano. We got the view of heaven hands down.
Oia, santorini Sunrise in Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini Oia, Santorini in May


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  • Hello 🙂

    I found your blog from a review on airbnb and I really love all your pics of Oia, it seems really beautiful. I’m planning to go there this August and I wanna ask in which cave did you stay while you were in Oia? Because I saw in airbnb that Vasillis has 5 studios (studio 1, studio 2, cave house 1, cave house 2, cave house 3) Thanks for the recommendation

    • Hello Olivia!!
      I’m so glad you found me. Before I forget, Gill listed her place that we stayed as ” Pano Meria Cave House Two in Oia”. this is one level with another studio room. You and the other room will share one view. There is a half way wall between the two rooms. You will have your privacy, unless your neighbor is very loud and rude 🙁
      This place is a CAVE HOUSE 2. It is not a studio. You will have 2 extra beds outside the bathroom. The mattress is more like a Full size but there are two of them. If you have 3 people, this house is perfect. The bathroom is not near windows, so it is a bit moist. Aug will be hot! so be ready to get some sun bathing on that patio. You will love it and I hope you’ll share with me your experience in Oia. 🙂 let me know if you need any more information. I’m glad you found me here.Thank you.

  • Hello…just want to share that i am booking this same place just because of your review on the place and your blog…thank you for posting picture and blogging about your visit to Oia. I am inspired even more to visit Oia, and looking forward to my visit to Greece

    • Hello Diana,
      I’m so glad that you read my blog :). Please excuse my English writing and if you have any question at all, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.
      This place is gorgeous and clean. It is not the most expensive cave house on in Oia but it has everything you would need. I hope that you enjoy it and get to meet the owner, Gill. I bet she would recognize my name. I have nothing affiliate with Gill but she reminded me of my mother. Very nice woman and helpful. Hope to hear your thoughts of her place? Thank you for sharing this good news with me.

  • Thank you for your blog. We are considering staying at this place next summer. We were looking for something private and I believe that you have to walk by the studio patio to get to ours. Is this a problem? how private is the balcony. We are debating staying at this place or another one further out but much more private. thank you for your help.

    • I’m so sorry for this late reply. The room was very private. You can’t hear your neighbor unless they are rudely loud. I’m not sure what studio patio you referred to? this is a very private balcony and point to the view. enjoy 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing this blog with others. I just booked our honeymoon in Oia and will be staying in the Cave House. Is there an recommendations you have in regards to sightseeing and things to do at night?

    • Sightseeing is plenty! I visited the museum, please see the post, http://beautyonblog.com/akrotiri-santorini/. Akrotini was beautiful and worth the hike. Bring plenty of water if plan to take that walk. it was so worth it.
      Night time, take a walk from your cave house to the other end of the island. Bring a flash light and some cash just in case you find some spots to take pictures and get some coffee. They also take credit cards in restaurants.

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