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Winter skin protection

Letting your skin naked during Winter? I have. And guess what? Wrinkles and freckles arrive sooner than I expected. It is true that we need vitamin D and sun light to make it work. We also need a good protection even if we can’t see the ray from that warm Sun during Winter. I was […]

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Fragrances gone wild at Bluefly

When I ran out of my favorite Cartier parfum, it was another hunt that I had to make until I tried this Prada Infusion D’Iris. It is settle, clean, mild (no headache) and very chic. I was going back and forth between the Cartier and this Prada. Both of them are signature fragrance and very classy. […]

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Amex offers cash back at Tory Burch

What a great combination if you are a AMEX card holder and love Tory Burch products like I do. I found this fascinating and going to take advantages of this offer. I don’t normally check out deals on AMEX as often because most of my offers are related to travel and leisure. This time, I […]

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