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Fun with friends in Munich, Germany

When we arrived in Munich from Santorini, I did not know what to expect. Organized and clean city, it seemed. Everything was yellow and grey inside the airport. At our luggage claim belt, I saw a monitor with BMW most up to date model cars. Yes, I was in Munich and yes, BMW has been […]

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Akrotiri, Santorini

We took a local bus to see an old town called Akrotiri where an old city was discovered. Akrotiri was destroyed by three earthquakes and one huge volcano. Apparently, the volcano sealed every pots and pans including paints so fresh you can feel the history. I was amazed how everything is preserved so well under an […]

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Heavenly sweet in Greece

The timing could not be so right than May in Santorini. The breeze was a bit strong though the heat from the Sun balanced it during the daylight. I was in Heaven. I chose to stay in Oia, a small town on the Santorini island. It is located on the tip of the Island. A […]

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