Winter skin protection

Letting your skin naked during Winter? I have. And guess what? Wrinkles and freckles arrive sooner than I expected. It is true that we need vitamin D and sun light to make it work. We also need a good protection even if we can’t see the ray from that warm Sun during Winter. I was once let my facial skin unprotected during a winter and I’m still paying for it. My combination skin does not like the dry air from the indoor heat and it also dislike the fact that I did not put on sun screen at all.
It is obvious to me that my Asian skin loves the humidity from my home country. I spot wrinkles soon after I lived through my first Winter in the states. My habit of putting on sun screen has been very strict and once I break that habit, it ruins what I have earned in the past.
So ladies, there is no secret to that young looking skin. It is a protection and absolute cleansing routine before bedtime.
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